In preparation of YOSHIKI’s upcoming Classical World Tour, JROCKNYC has been given the opportunity to interview YOSHIKI, and would like to know what YOU, our readers, would like to ask him. Make your questions good, interesting, and worthwhile! And remember the #1 rule of interviewing - avoid asking yes/no questions. The fate of this interview is in your hands! 

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Japanese rockstar Yoshiki engages in piano battle with hologram of himself

Yoshiki, a musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, front man of heavy-metal band X Japan and classical soloist, appeared on stage at the music and technology festival to a rousing reception and proceeded to sit himself at one end of a double piano.

All appeared normal as Yoshiki began stroking the keys, but when a more clearly defined and life-like Yoshiki emerged from the left of stage, the audience began to grasp they had a one-of-a-kind piano battle on their hands.

So the infamous hologram tech from the 2009 X Japan reunion tour returns. This time we get two Yoshikis for the price of one.

(Source: gizmag.com)

Top 5 Most Known Japanese Musicians according to MIT’s Pantheon Project. [link]

thx henrique!

how many names can one narrator mispronounce in 90 seconds?

Samuragochi’s Work, Now in Question

Mamoru Samuragochi, who won fame for overcoming deafness to write music, confessed many of his best-known works were ghostwritten. Then his ghostwriter said he was not actually deaf, either.


Just for a sec, I thought, “Yoshiki?”


Playing drums on a lamp? Reading the paper while a turkey floats away?  That’s YOSHIKI XMAS!