They recommend establishing a home bar with whiskey/vodka/gin, or if you’re fun whiskey/vodka/rum, so I started from there — but wanted to try a honey’d bourbon (I’ve been enjoying various sweet tea and honey ones straight up lately), and then I’ve always liked kahlua too, so here I am. First time I’ve owned more than two half empty bottles of anything in my life!

Cool Bourbon HAJIMARU!

Pepsi Black (half the sugar, splash ‘o lemon) and Jim Beam.

By itself, the soda has less impact. Seems a little lifeless (not necessarily flat, but in that ballpark).

Combined with bourbon, the reduced sugar allows the bourbon to express itself. But the lemon throws the flavor out of whack.

Jim Beam & Coke is my favorite drink in the world. Jim & Pepsi Black isn’t even in the top ten.