Thief (2014) nauseates me, whenever I do the hand-grab-steal-shit move it’s like someone grabbing my monitor and zooming it at my face, like it’s on one of those playground spring-mounted zebras. Vomitous! Literally can’t play. :(

Wolf: Something I actually finished, skipping most of the cutscenes and invoking god mode after failing the bridge sequence a dozen times. Pretty mindless, would not play again. Lack of Nazi chicks in sexy attire bad. Too many uggs grabbing one by the lapels and gettin’ all in one’s grill tres bad. :/

Steam Summer Sale 2014

I didn’t own any of these games five days ago.

They’re all on my HTPC now.

Brothers - Haven’t played it yet, expecting it to be as confusing and beautiful as Okami was, which I don’t think we ever completed more than 1% of. 

Dead Rising 2 - Disliked it on my PC w/ kb/m, thought it might work as a couch-based controller game (I recall lots of melee combat and not much gunplay). Also, Steam is inviting me to run it on my gaming rig ~through~ the htpc, and I wanna see how that goes… badly, most likely.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - This’ll be a kb/m game, but I bought it through the htpc so here it is… 

Lego Movie Video Game - The kids have taken a liking to it, but also get frustrated because the game is confounding: unclear actions and goals mean you have to try everything twice, and the use of text instructions is stupid in a game built for pre-K’ers. 

Limbo - Fuckin’ DARK! And I often find it just 10% too hard for me, til I quit and then return to it a day later and get past the “hard” part on the first try. (This has happened four times now.) Coolest game on the list. 

Mirror’s Edge - I played this before, but never finished it. Laughably impossible for me with a controller — I died ten times IN THE TUTORIAL.

Rocksmith - Diggin’ it. It took a while to get used to what they were doing, and to reading the jumble of numbers they flash at you, but if you let it, it WILL teach you. Start with songs you don’t know how to play, tho! (One criticism: the strings are randomly colored instead of going from lighter to darker, in gradations, so you have to remember that yellow = 5th string.)

The Swapper - kinda weak platformer that I expect to stop playing fairly instantly. (You can spawn clones to get to buttons you can’t reach, to open doors, so you can find more buttons out of reach.)

Thomas Was Alone - deplorably cutesy 8-bitty crap. Fuck off, Thomas!

Trine 2 - I shoulda played the demo. Seems like a pretty and competent platformer, but I lost interest fast. To Tinkerbelly, but maybe the kids will enjoy it.

[Anyone know if Kentucky Route Zero is more like Journey or more like Telltale’s Walking Dead snoozefests?]

My PS3 Month

I am a PC FPS guy. But I wanted to try Journey & The Last of Us, and see if maybe I could be a console guy, or if my kids had any interest. (Spoiler: They Didn’t.) So In mid-April I bought a used PS3, a brand new controller, a stack of old AAA used games for cheaps, and The Last of Us and Journey

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journey | thatgamecompany (2012)

Here’s what Journey provides:

  • a beautiful, interesting world
  • controls built to work with the PS3 controller

None of the other dozen games I bought for PS3 provided those things.

(I liked the world in The Last of Us, but I couldn’t shoot for shit without a mouse, even after a week of practice.) 

Journey was the only game I could play without getting frustrated by the controller, or by the game designers’ incompetence (no “where do i go now?!” or “stop giving me instructions on obvious things!” or “this fucking controller is not built for this!!!”)

Just a simple, beautiful experience. 

And man, what a delight to have strangers join you in-game and not be twats.

And no cutscenes interrupting the game! 

Everything was either obvious or discoverable. You could trust what was happening, not have to metacognicize over something being designed that way on purpose or it being an accident of variables that require you to restart from a distant checkpoint. 

Gorgeous physics, gorgeous color palettes, and gorgeous audio too.

I’d keep the PS3 if one game a year was this good. 


  1. Order used 120gb PS3 Slim from Amazon Warehouse deals. ($150)
  2. Order used The Last of Us. ($33)
  3. Order 2nd DS3 controller, on sale, new. ($30)
  4. Wait one week. Order Ni no Kuni used while waiting. ($15)
  5. Receive large box containing copious amounts of bubble wrap with a PS3 just sitting there in the middle (no packaging whatsoever!) and a power cable also in there somewhere… but where’s the controller!?!
  6. Contact amazon, get 20% refund for lack of controllerness (-$30)
  7. Debate waiting til controller and Last of Us arrive DAYYYYS from now or going to get something TODAY
  8. Head to Game Champ, buy new DS3 camo controller ($50) and Brutal Legend used ($5).
  9. Go to Gamestop/Gamespot(?!) and grab six more discounted used games, with an additional 30% off ($33 total!)
  10. Calculate savings! ($150 - $30 + $30, then + $50, then + $33, then + $33 again, versus $400 + $50 + [10 x $60]) I saved like $700 by being completely uninterested in the PS3 til the PS4 arrived, hooray! :)

Used way = $266

New way = ~$1000

Games bought: Last of Us, Ni no Kuni, Battlefield Bad Company, Little Big Planet, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Resistance 2, Beatles Rock Band, Brutal Legend. (Prices on those last eight $3-$8 each.)

Mild hassle setting up PSN account (server pretended to be down, but actually wasn’t, so on my second try it acted all “this email is already registered, nutsack!”, then I started Brutal Legend (the kids loved the F-bombs) and it stopped because I wasn’t logged in or some shit… but we got back in again… there was also a long firmware/OS(?) update for the system itself but that was painless. 

Spent an hour and a half playing around, pretty happy with the purchase so far, but really looking forward to digging into Last of Us, then GTAV

2021, PS4 ahoy!

Samuragochi’s Work, Now in Question

Mamoru Samuragochi, who won fame for overcoming deafness to write music, confessed many of his best-known works were ghostwritten. Then his ghostwriter said he was not actually deaf, either.


Just for a sec, I thought, “Yoshiki?”

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