AWWWWW yeah good to have TWD back again. 

I thought The Strain (which ended its 13-episode summery run last week) helped fill the void, in a witness-society-crumbling, this-is-what-season-one-of-The-Walking-Dead-should-have-been way, but the last third of The Strain lost its way (ex-wives and alzheimers, who cares!?) and the S5 premiere of TWD was SO kinetic, so exciting, and so unlike its dull season 2, life-on-the-farm, nothing-is-happening past, that i can now see how irreplaceable this show is.

I hope The Walking Dead runs for DECADES.

24 s9 / Louie s4

So after watching the first couple episodes of the new 24, i am remembering why i never finished the seventh or eighth seasons, or started the first, second or third ones: shit’s so fake!

No functioning collecton of individuals could EVER be that lacerated by that much incompetence, infighting and treason! What, the regular pursuit of terrorists is so easy that it has to be jacked up beyond all rationality? Boo. C’mon. Fuck it, I’ll just watch it in double speed, ignore all the “dialogue”, enjoy the spurts of action and hope it all ends quickly.


Louie was better, insofar as it didn’t care if you got confused or not. (Also, the DSNY is not nearly that bad, and everyone owns plastic garbage cans now.)

But the dream seq in the 2nd ep… that was a dream, right? Someone translate the French lyrics!

When Harry Connick, Jr. recently used the word “pentatonic” on American Idol, his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez turned it into a joke. And, indeed, what could be more humorous than a musician of Connick’s stature trying to talk about musical scales on a TV reality show?

Yet football announcers not only talk about “stunts” or the “triple option” but are expected to explain these technical aspects of the game to the unenlightened. The hosts on business cable channels refer to PE ratios and swap spreads, and no one laughs at them. So why can’t a judge in a TV singing contest employ some basic music terminology?

oh it’s that chick jimi likes!