so waaaaaaaaay back in ‘96 i took kayo to our first concert, X Japan at the Tokyo Dome, 12/30/96.

or rather, she took me, because i didn’t know how the fuck to buy a ticket or nav the trainage. 

so just now in aug 2014 she’s watching Toshi do “Forever Love” (our wedding song) on some japanese talk show that aired yesterday, and she goes “Are they playing here soon?” and i’m like “…yeeeeeessss… do you want to go? It’s the Garden. It’s not like theyre gonna sell it out.”

So see you there maybes.

Luna Sea ~Never Sold Out~ band score / tab (guitar, bass, drums, even violin!)

The reason I got these (for $75 a dozen years ago?) was to see how they played the songs live rather than on record with overdubs.

Also, live tab books have no album filler :)

~ only $5 on ebay ^_^ ~

Luna Sea rockers Sugizo and Inoran talk life at 25

From the Japan Times:

“Our 25th anniversary show was a celebration. I think everyone in the band feels the same way, but we only have feelings of gratitude. That’s what has been the biggest difference between then and now. Before, we wanted everyone to blindly follow us. I think Luna Sea is a very sadistic band — I mean, our fan club is called ‘Slave’! But we have a much more refined attitude now than we did in the ’90s.” - SUGIZO

“When we did the ‘shūmaku’ gig in 2000, we promised to each other that we would all go out into the world while we were in our 30s, absorb things and regroup. We did exactly that. That was the point from which we were able to start again.” - INORAN

“I feel there’s something very close in the Luna Sea sound to the guitar work and psychedelic feel of shoegaze bands. On songs such as ‘Wish,’ ‘Rosier,’ and ‘Storm,’ I tried really hard to replicate the sound by using effects, like playing fast with a wah-wah pedal, or using tape-echo and harmonizers. I couldn’t figure out how they did it, so I just made it into my own thing…. At the time, the word ‘shoegaze’ didn’t exist yet. I think young shoegaze bands now use the term with no hesitation, but I reckon Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine probably dislikes the term. It’s like ‘visual-kei,’ which is also a word that doesn’t describe the music. Behind that guitar noise there was house music, and I liked bands such as Primal Scream. So I think what I try to do with the Luna Sea sound comes from trying to express all that psychedelica, house and drug culture in a rock, guitar-band format.” - SUGIZO

immortal is | sukekiyo (2014)

[Limited Edition] / [Regular Edition]

Well this cover album doesn’t have any black metal on it at all! 

I approached this record without any expectations (having had them dashed so often by Kyo & Friends of late), and/but for the most part I don’t aggressively hate any tracks (like I did on Dir’s DSS). I didn’t love any tracks either. But I liked(?) a couple:

"Uyuu no Sora" (track 8) started out awesome til it ended two minutes later and I realized it was just a filler track for maybe waling out on stage to, or rolling credits over.

"Scars Like Velvet" comes closest to evincing a sort of enjoyment out of me, with the descending-into-madness guitar anti-scale disharmonies @1:23 & @2:49 mainly. And for the most part Kyo manages not to fuck up the vocal lines with too many dumb vocal histrionics (just some annoying falsetto occasionally.)

"Zephyr" has a groove and vibe going for it, and a rare ~uplifty!~ chorus, so heart that one in your zune app maybe.

"Daemon’s Cutlery" is ridiculous noisesounds, but lifts a chorus from an old friend’s unsigned 90’s college band ("joe’s the mailman, not cliff clavin!"), so I kinda can tolerate it despite the mikepattonization.

And a lot of the other songs sound like “Embryo” off of the otherwise mostly brilliant Kisou (2002), so that might be good for you but fuck me if I didn’t literally fall asleep on my first spin through this album this afternoon.

Nutshell: kinda like if Dir en grey had turned lighter left instead of heavier right after 2005’s Withering, but with a similar amount of off-putting but not overwhelming weirdness. For my money, Imm is slightly better than the undazzling Marrow or Uroboros — and much more listenable than the cretinous Dum

I think if you’ve weaned yourself off latter-day Deg because they were too aggressive for you but always had a soft wet spot for Kyo, you’ll want to try Immortalis out. But it’s not gonna be on my Top Ten albums of the year.


SUGIZO x Kyo on the cover of Motto2

(Source: miraka69)

SUGIZO Composing Music for Theater Performance of “Kaikyo no Hikari”

SUGIZO is writing the music for another play, Kaikyou no Hikari. Based on Tsuji Hitonari’s Akutagawa prize-winning novel of the same name, it will star kabuki actor Shido Nakamura with comedian/actor Jin Katagiri. The play will be shown at the Yomiuri Otemachi Hall from April 11-29th.

A synopsis of the novel from J-Lit:

Kaikyo no hikari (Lights in the Channel), the novel which brought Tsuji into prominence, is set in Hakodate, a port city at the southern tip of Hokkaido. Two men are approaching their thirtieth birthdays, one of whom—the narrator—is a guard in the local penitentiary. At the prison one day, he encounters Hanai, an old classmate, who is beginning an eight-year-sentence for inflicting bodily harm. In grade school, Hanai had bullied the narrator terribly, and under curious circumstances, the pair now meet again after an interval of eighteen years. Married and a father, the narrator has spent his entire life in Hakodate overlooking the rough waters of the Tsugaru Strait, where his fisherman father lost his life. The narrator perceives Hanai’s presence as a threat, but Hanai ignores him, becomes a model inmate, and is let out early on good behavior. On the day of his release, however, he assaults the narrator, yelling “Who the hell do you think you are!” The description of the channel between Hakodate and Aomori, which swallows countless human lives yet goes on shining, leaves a haunting impression.

Ticket Info here

All Luna Sea’s 3” Singles. 

Love when bands make ‘em match. :)

(These are from high dpi scans I made last year. If they’re not big enough, email me, I’ll post a zip file.)

(Oops! Thx Slain!)