If you ever wondered what it was like to hop in a van, travel around, and play cool shows to fun people, in a badass rock band - check out my band Sol Ardour's newest video.

Pretty much sums it up! :P


Hey yall - Artemis here.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared.  2013 hasn’t been super busy - but eventful.  Between music videos, photo-shoots, member changes, shows, promotion, rejections, writing and learning new material - there was always something happening.

I spent a lot of 2013 learning not just how to manage a band - but to manage my life.  Mostly by losing almost everything.

Up until then, I’d been rather lucky.  Things had almost always fallen into place for me.  I didn’t understand true resilience.

Hitting the bottom, I realized that if I was going to survive and be great - i’d have to face myself, time and time again.  I’d have to live through mistakes, poor choices, being hurt, and afraid. My experiences could bring me wisdom or shame.  It was up to me, to decide, how i dealt with them.

Sol Ardour had always wanted to release, ET NEXUS to UTOPIA.  An album so big, that we were afraid we couldn’t do it.  We were all a bit afraid that we wouldn’t be up to snuff.  I worried, I would fail my group.

But, after almost losing it all - I decided to step up.  This album is meant to be a collection of inspiration, and a warning - never to give into your own darkness.  It is as much for me, as it is for the band.  It’s as much for SOL ARDOUR as it is for any of you who need this.

Please have a listen to these early release tracks.  In April, on the night of the Lunar Eclipse - we hope to present Et Nexus to Utopia in full.

If you’ve read up until this point - thank you.

Wanted to share this with y’all.

The Waxing Moon

June 2012, I went up to Westfall Studios, with my band Sol Ardour.  We spent 3 days in pre production, getting really comfortable with the songs we were going to record and the tones.  
The guys at Westfall were great.  They told us “we can’t promise perfection, but we’ll give you our all”.  We stayed there for a week, slept on the couch, on the drums, on the floor next to amps, practicing and recording sun up sun down.

We planned to release this single, promote the heck out of it, with touring, music video and ads - but then ran into a money disaster shocking us all and we had to scramble up a new plan.  This meant also pushing back the album, as there was no substantial fanbase to release to, and no money.

Last month, with money saved from shows, merch sales, and ingenuity, we filmed our first music video.  The video is for our 3rd single, The Waxing Moon.

Our drummers Sion wrote the music for this song.  His inspiration is “boss battle music” meets “goth rock”.  He’s a big Uematsu fan.  Shola, Sol Ardour’s singer wrote the lyrics.  It’s about a number of things, but generally it’s about a period of change.

I hope you enjoy the video.  I broke into an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.  At night.  Using a knife.  Even in the pitch black, when I showed the place to the guys, we agreed it was the perfect place for the feel of the song.


P.S.  Check out the Youtube Hangout event for the video premiere.  We had a blast.