Winery Dogs Unleashed in Japan (2013) [amazon - but $99]

Beauty-beauty-beautyfull concert recording. Graceful motions from the cameras and the band, cut and faded to magical effect, the tight depth of field maintained so elegantly that it may have been done in post, and everything steeped like teas in natural browns and greens.

Stills taken from the track “Regret”, my favorite by far on the disc. [youtube]

Ji Won Jung (I dunno, she was in my facebook!)

"Japan’s Liberace"!!!  XD

LUNA SEA 25th Anniversary Tour Overseas Ticket Lottery

Get your tickets for LUNA SEA’s 25th Anniversary Tour THE LUNATIC -A Liberated Will- now! 

【Duration】 Friday,April 4th,2014 12:00~Monday,April 21th, 2014 18:00 *Japan Time

I lurv my xonar/grado combo.


Xonar U3 (kicks your laptop or non-soundcardy desktop’s audio IN THE ASS) 

Grado sr60i / Grado sr80i - made for rock and metal, and low impedance (so it’ll work well with your phone or ipod, not just giant amp’d rack systems that nobody owns anymore).

Seriously, I’ve been listening to so much more music again now with the xonar plugged in. Highly recommended.


(christmas in japan 2003?)