"Japan’s Liberace"!!!  XD

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I lurv my xonar/grado combo.


Xonar U3 (kicks your laptop or non-soundcardy desktop’s audio IN THE ASS) 

Grado sr60i / Grado sr80i - made for rock and metal, and low impedance (so it’ll work well with your phone or ipod, not just giant amp’d rack systems that nobody owns anymore).

Seriously, I’ve been listening to so much more music again now with the xonar plugged in. Highly recommended.


(christmas in japan 2003?)


Xio’s 2013 Top 10

As the year draws to a close, everyone be doin’ all dese lists n’ shit.
I, too, am about dat life.

Here are my top 10 favorite albums of 2013!
Followed by a bunch of other albums that I enjoyed throughout the year as honorable mentions. Hopefully I didn’t miss any … but if I did, there’s a good chance I never got around to hearing it anyways.

#10. image

the god and death stars’ “dawn of the god
Genre(s): Melancholic Alt Rock
Fav Trax: 半分人, brother mustang

#9. image

Crisis Arm’s “Fetch
Genre(s): Psychedelic Shoegaze
Fav Trax: Defect, Death Clone

#8. image

Hotel Mexico’s “Her Decorated Post Love
Genre(s): Chillwave, Psychedelic Pop
Fav Trax: boy, A Palm House in the Sky

#7. image

Part Time’s “PDA
Genre(s): Chillwave, Psychedelic Pop
Fav Trax: Night DriveStaring At A Gun

#6. image

Perfume’s “LEVEL3
Genre(s): Dance Pop, EDM
Fav Trax: Magic of LoveClockwork

#5. image

Sun Devoured Earth’s “A Static Life
Genre(s): Ethereal Post-Rock, Minimal Synth
Fav Trax: DepersonalizationA Lullaby

#4. image

Tommy february6’s “TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♥ SUGAR ♥ ME
Genre(s): Dance Pop, Hi-NRG
Fav Trax: Summer Bubbles, Be My Valentine

#3. image

Merchandise’s “Totale Night
Genre(s): Jangle Rock, Post-Punk
Fav Trax: Anxiety’s DoorTotale Nite

#2. image

My Bloody Valentine’s “mbv
Genre(s): Shoegaze, Experimental Electro, Experimental Rock
Fav Trax: Only TomorrowNew You

#1. image

Melt-Banana’s “Fetch
Genre(s): Noise Rock, Electro-Punk
Fav Trax: Infection DefectiveSchemes of the Tails

honorable mentions …
Sun Devoured Earth’s Ellilan
Barrow’s Though I’m Alone
Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet
College’s Heritage
Alex Donley’s Bewitched
capsule’s CAPS LOCK
Tommy february6/heavenly6’s FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY
bloodthirsty butchers’ youth (青春)
Nevermind Me’s Nevermind Me
Brian the Sun’s NON SUGAR
Deafheaven’s Sunbather
the cabs’ Regenerative Landscape
Iceage’s You’re Nothing
SEX-ANDROID’S ギャクシンセサイザー!!
SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES’ the right are each other
宇宙コンビニ’s 染まる音を確認したら


luna sea | a will (1994)

Okay, well, everyone at jrocknyc has been planning on reviewing one of our most sought-after release from a VK-associated Japanese band and after around 8 listens on 8 different days from 8 different weeks on 8 different sets of headphones(actually 3), I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t have much to say about A WILL. Most of it is just so boring and by-the-numbers for me that I can’t push myself to explore it in detail. It should be known that I seldom listen to anything from SHINE onward.

It’s because of this lack of enthusiasm that I will be ranking tracks and giving short blurbs on the tracks that matter to me instead of typing out a deep analysis full of justified opinions on every track … oh, and I added a little bonus at the end that might spark debate, I dunno.

the really enjoyable tracks that I’d go back to …

  • Metamorphosis
    As Cliff pointed out initially, the lead riffage on this song sounds so very NARASAKI that I wouldn’t be surprised if he contributed this tune to the band or came in as a guest guitarist. The vocal melodies on this track get pretty close to something they’d do on MOTHER, though, and it has a powerful, driving energy that pumps me up.

  • The End of the Dream
    A killer repeating lead riff and a few really memorable melodies that stick in my head after listening. This song feels like the closest they get to their STYLE charm on the whole album, while the majority feels more like a continuation of LUNACY.

    the not-bad-but-nothing-amazing tracks …

  • Rouge
    Fun surf riffs and a bouncy tempo. The verse is pretty boring and forgettable, but that chorus is worth the listen and this rank.

  • Thoughts
    Feels a bit like a Tourbillon song in that it really does nothing to get the blood pumping or stimulate the creative senses but you don’t hate it and you could imagine a Japanese dad playin’ it in for his kids while driving to or from a park or a family cook-out or something.

  • Anthem of Light
    Does a decent job of building up the album as an intro track with a sweeping chorus and has some nice SUGI noodles here and there.

  • Decent pop rock tune. The chorus almost sounds like BELIEVE’s bridge for a half second and that’s nice.

    the total throwaway garbahj …

  • Glowing
    Honestly, this should probably be in the middle-ground list above because it has a cool 45 second SUGISOLO, but the solo couldn’t carry the song on its own.

  • 銀ノ月

  • absorb
    Just didn’t absorb me, nor I it. I’m listening to it right now and I’m forgetting each second as it passes.

  • Grace

    I’ve heard this song a thousand times by a thousand different artists.



    Fav Track: FAKE
    Runner-Up: IN FUTURE

  2. EDEN
    Fav Track: ANUBIS
    Runner-Up: BELIEVE

  3. IMAGE
    Fav Track: MOON
    Runner-Up: IN MIND

    Fav Track: SHADE
    Runner-Up: BRANCH ROAD

  5. STYLE
    Fav Tracks: WITH LOVE
    Runner-Up: 1999

  6. SHINE
    Fav Track: NO PAIN
    Runner-Up: STORM

    Fav Track: Be Awake
    Runner-Up: TONIGHT

  8. A WILL
    Fav Track: Metamorphosis
    Runner-Up: The End of the Dream