new(ish) SMG pv! 未練FIRE

1. 未練 lingering affection 

2. 未練 regret 

3. 未練  reluctance

Wagakki Band - 華火 ~Hanabi~ (Short Version)

This is a preview of their upcoming single written by their lead singer Yuko Suzuhana after the release of their debut vocaloid cover album this past spring. Yuko is pretty but she seems a bit awkward in her solo poses. The CG work looks better than expected with the use of colorfully lit, detailed fantasy setting. Still I feel shooting on location at a historical site has a more authentic and romantic feel like Gackt's “Sakura, chiru…" PV. I guess AVEX (their record label) is going all in with their marketing budget due to the great response from overseas fans on their Facebook page. As for the song itself I was hoping for something with a lot more punch like their awesome cover of "Senbon zakura.” Perhaps the full track will be better? One can only hope.

[DVD] 華火

AVBD-92069  ¥1,620(with taxes)

Track list:

02 華火-MAKING-  [Hanabi -MAKING-]
03 天樂-2014.1.31 at clubasia- [Tengaku - at Club Asia]
First edition comes with the band members’ (photo?) cards.


Nightmare - Drastica (Short PV edit)

Nightmare's new album, “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”, drops next Wednesday. This PV looks almost the same as the last one, “Gallows,” except with hoods. (-_-;) Wow what happened? The “Dizzy" PV was actually cooler in terms of sound and visual style. I wouldn’t have mind to get more of that.


NoGoD - Sakura (promo edit)

NoGoD's latest mini “四季彩 [Shikisai]”, which has three re-recorded tracks and one new song, just went on sale last Wednesday. Anyone heard it yet? I am liking the acoustic intro here for “Sakura,” but got kinda bored when the real song kicked in. :/

NoGod- Shikisai Mini Album Cover
KICS-3027~8 (2 CDs - second disk has the acoustic versions of the mini)

1. 櫻 (Re-recording)
2. 千夜を越えて花束を
3. あの日の空は極彩で (Re-recording)
4. 彩白 (Re-recording)


Babymetal | “Gimme Choco!”

Okay, so I find this all disgusting.

It is a violation of youth and innocence, AND a violation of metal!

Metal is anger. Aggression. If you’re that angry at such a young age, then something is REALLY WRONG, and it shouldn’t be celebrated on stage or for money.

If nothing is wrong, you’re being fake. Metal embodies a lot of things, but inauthenticity is not one of them.

This entire enterprise rots from its own malignant intrinsic antitheticality. 

In a couple years, when the “twins” are in high school, or dropouts, and have lived a ~little~, then, MAYBE, this pop-n-death conjoining might work.

But for now, it’s just plain IMMORAL! I say that both ironically and not. I truly think Babymetal’s existence is, like, a destructive embodiment of social evils.

I do admire the choreography and editing a ton though (the “pushback” sequence especially, in the 2:00-2:20 breakdown… and the fistpumps after, I would not be surprised to learn these girls burn 18,000 calories per day). 

More discussion/arguing here:

Nightmare - Gallows (Short PV version)

The PV is too short for me to say it’s great, but it’s at least more interesting than the latest single, “Rewrite.” The new album “TO BE OR NOT TO BE" is coming out March 19th. There are 3 versions. Below is the track list from the regular version.

YICQ-10344 - ¥2,800 (w/tax)

Nightmare - TO BE OR NOT TO BE (version C cover)

01. Gallows
03. Dizzy
04. 東京都羅刹区
05. リライト
06. Melt into blue sky
07. -TRUTH-
08. Lulla[by≠bye]
10. ドラスティカ
11. 極上脳震煉獄・弌式
12. L.L.B
13. KENKA DRIVE -instrumental-

Type A Cover:

Nightmare - TO BE OR NOT TO BE (version A cover)

YICQ-10342/B - ¥3,600 (w/tax)

DVD contains “Gallows” PV + making of PV

Type B Cover:

Nightmare - TO BE OR NOT TO BE (version B cover)

YICQ-10343/B - ¥3,600 (w/tax)

DVD contains “Drastica" PV + making of PV

Via: SR: Jrock UK Updater

Gackt - P.S. I Love You (PV)

The PV is a seven minutes mini-film for his latest single released two days ago, so the song pauses a bit here and there. It’s actually better than I expected and not full of the “daikishimeru” or various forms of this word that was used in his old ballads. Still “P.S. I Love You" is not much of a departure from what he has been releasing lately. "Sakura, chiru…" is the only standout so far. :/

Gackt visits Shibuya Tsutaya on release day

Love that he gets mobbed by guys and girls!

Via: The GACKTofficial YT channel