Robocop Stops Gropers! 

Whither the money, Lebowski?

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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best scene. Every line delivered SO WELLLLLLL

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

Contracted (2013)

They could and should have called this The Zombie Abstinence Project.

We follow a girl (Najarra Townsend) as she comes down with a nasty virus that gets worse and worse (while she continues to serve food to people, who don’t balk!)… it’s an eminently watchable downward spiral.

But the script also injects pages of tedious young attractive lesbian female arguing: bokk-bokk-baqawk! BAQAWK! which you’ll need to fast-forward through, or check your email during.

I read that the ending was disappointing, which was exactly what I needed to read (because it’s not, it’s exactly what you want/expect! But let’s pretend it’s bad just for the sake of lowering expectations.)

Decent indie zombie movie, different than all the others.

I finished all the movies

Go’s Top 5 Films of 2013

Before Midnight - If you’re in an “international” marriage, or even a regular one, this film probably spoke to you in a way few others do.

The Wolverine - Beautiful fights in beautiful places. Natsukashii!

World War Z - A quality zombie production with some odd moodswings, that visits destruction upon multiple international locales instead of just the woods.

Man of Steel - That fight scene at the end was OFF THA HOOK

Gravity - Got my heart racing like few other films ever have. Real seat-of-your-pants-type stuff!

Honorable mentions: Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Tai Chi, Side Effects, 21 & Over, Oblivion. And definitely NOT the hamfisted Elysium.