Enemy (2013)

So this movie looks and feels kinda slow, but you have to pay attention and think about what you’re seeing and hearing pretty much at all times, and run through different theories (and then discard them for updated ones once new information is revealed) in your mind as you watch, so it actually flies by. You may even want to TAKE NOTES.

In a way, it crosses the bridge between film and games — you can’t just passively absorb, you have to actively engage. 

rating: :)

(bonus: it’s got Inglourious Basterds’ Melanie Laurent.)

When K and I were dating in Japan, Leon was on TV, and I can never remember if its “zannin da!” or “zan-en da!” but it’s one of our oldest shared jokes that I always yell the wrong one and she corrects me. :)

godzilla (2014)

On the plus side:

  • Bryan Cranston speaks Japanese and wanders around a post-apocalyptic Last-of-Us-esque Japanese city. (see above)
  • Exceptionally executed teases, reveals, and monsterfights. 
  • Competent military!

On the minus side:

  • Anonymous children focused on in dangerous situations. (I’m a dad, I can’t revel in destruction with kids in harm’s way!)

Overall, cool flick. Fantastic visuals and sound, mostly logical story… can’t wait to watch it again this fall.


Robocop Stops Gropers! 

Whither the money, Lebowski?

[amazon] ^_^

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best scene. Every line delivered SO WELLLLLLL

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)