Trailer for the movie Unbroken, with a few shots of MIYAVI as Mutsuhiro “The Bird” Watanabe.

MIYAVI - Jingle Bell (Kari)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
One of my all-time favorites

MIYAVI Cast as the Villain of the Movie “Unbroken”



Japanese singer Takamasa Ishihara, better known by his stage name Miyavi, has landed the key villain role in Angelina Jolie’s adaptation of“Unbroken” starring Jack O’Connell, according to Deadline. The role was a tough one to cast for Jolie and the filmmakers, and they finally gave the role to Miyavi after returning to his searing audition which “mixed grace, ferocity, sensitivity and sophistication” time and again.

O’Connell plays Olympic runner, WWII soldier, plane crash survivor and POW prisoner Louie Zamperini in the film based on Zamperini’s real life experiences. Miyavi will play Mutsushiro Watanabe, known as The Bird, who was in charge of the Japanese prison camp and who made it his personal mission to break Zamperini’s spirit. The rest of the impressive young cast includes Alex Russell as Zamperini’s older brother, Domnhall Gleeson and Finn Wittrock as his fellow plane crash survivors, Garrett Hedlund as the head of the camp and John Magaro and Aussie newcomer Jordan Patrick Smith as other fellow soldiers. “Unbroken” begins filming this month and is scheduled to be released next Christmas.

Miyavi will have to reschedule a chunk of an upcoming Asia concert tour in order to film his role in Australia, but he seems passionate about his first Hollywood acting job: “As a musician, I questioned whether I should take a break from my craft to pursue this role,” Miyavi said in a statement. “After meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness. This resonated with me because that is exactly what I want express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”

miyavi | horizon pv (2013)

My earlier apprehensions have been defeated. I’m hooked. Samples are deceiving. This is instantly going on my party mix. Full album is already out there somewhere (6/19).

miyavi | horizon mv (short) (2013)

Ahead of the June 19th release of his s/t album, Meevs has posted this short version of the new track “Horizon.” Not sure I’m taking as much liking to this attempt at an anthemic, four-on-the-floor dance hall could-be-hit as I did to most of the tracks off Samurai Sessions Vol. 1, but there are plenty of other tracks on the album yet to analyze. Somewhere there’s already a song called “Secret” that saw a digital release, but I’m just now learning about that.