one of these does not belong

man i HATED Load when it came out.

it symbolized the unmetalness of the mid-90s better than anything except maybe Falling Into Infinity

…listening to it today, tho — for the first time in over a decade — WOW, such crushing grooves! i fav’d more than half the tracks! love it now.

Metallica played a gig in Antarctica!

Love the “AntarcticA” logo!

Not love that “Trapped Under Ice” wasn’t on the ten-song setlist.

thx e!

FolderSize tells you the size of your folders (because Windows won’t).

Good morning Jrocknyc. 
This post is mandatory, “yeah”?

Amr’s heavy-metal love story is, at least on the surface, textbook: when she was sixteen, someone loaned her a Metallica CD and she never looked back. But this was in Egypt, in 2001, four years after security forces raided the homes of nearly a hundred metalheads, arresting them on spurious occult charges.