Which one should I cut up?

new(ish) SMG pv! 未練FIRE

1. 未練 lingering affection 

2. 未練 regret 

3. 未練  reluctance

I want this logo (not the band, just the red coca-cola-style text) as a 12”x4” patch for by battle jacket.

I can have just ~one~ made, or i can order five at a discount, if anyone else is interested. Won’t be cheap, but will be awesome! A guaranteed way to end up in one of those lined-up-outside-the-venue crowd shots in their next live dvd! ;)

Anyway, post in the comments or jrocknyc@gmail before Sept 1st ^_^

I did not know girls could do that.

(from Rob Zombie’s new Zombie Horror Picture Show)

Did X Japan have a Famicom game?
Didn’t think so.

thx Cass!

"…Why hear’st thou music sadly?"

So here’s some things you start thinking about as you age and you’ve built up a huge collection of beloved music (1700hrs — ten weeks — for me) and can only listen to it for maybe an hour a day:


  • I haven’t heard this track in a decade! I love this song! Will I ever hear this song again? What other songs have I forgotten!? Will I ever find them!?

  • Are my ears hearing everything I heard when I was a teenager and loved this song and hadn’t attended hundreds of concerts? NOPE!

  • Should I buy an even more expensive pair of headphones and an even more expensive amp so everything sounds better — even if it’s only a placebo effect!?

Aging is very complicated.