Another funny thing I had forgotten about was that the cover photo was some guy they paid $10 to get hit in the face and they had to pay him $300 because it took 30 punches to get the thing right.

Wolf’s fun “Shark Attack” (2014) — if you don’t like it after 48 seconds, you won’t like it ever. (I may be breathing in too many fumes from the battle jacket project.)

so waaaaaaaaay back in ‘96 i took kayo to our first concert, X Japan at the Tokyo Dome, 12/30/96.

or rather, she took me, because i didn’t know how the fuck to buy a ticket or nav the trainage. 

so just now in aug 2014 she’s watching Toshi do “Forever Love” (our wedding song) on some japanese talk show that aired yesterday, and she goes “Are they playing here soon?” and i’m like “…yeeeeeessss… do you want to go? It’s the Garden. It’s not like theyre gonna sell it out.”

So see you there maybes.

Which one should I cut up?

new(ish) SMG pv! 未練FIRE

1. 未練 lingering affection 

2. 未練 regret 

3. 未練  reluctance