Death and she Life-in-Death,
hey roll their dice for the crew

The Mariner encounters a rotting hulk with two figures onboard; Death and Life-in-Death who are playing dice over the souls of the Mariner and his crew…”



The One with the Shinya (s01e09)

Crap day at work.

Laid down, put on my grados, cranked 1/44th of my 88-hour best of metal playlist. 

Feel so much better now.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo mrrrch

Babymetal | “Gimme Choco!”

Okay, so I find this all disgusting.

It is a violation of youth and innocence, AND a violation of metal!

Metal is anger. Aggression. If you’re that angry at such a young age, then something is REALLY WRONG, and it shouldn’t be celebrated on stage or for money.

If nothing is wrong, you’re being fake. Metal embodies a lot of things, but inauthenticity is not one of them.

This entire enterprise rots from its own malignant intrinsic antitheticality. 

In a couple years, when the “twins” are in high school, or dropouts, and have lived a ~little~, then, MAYBE, this pop-n-death conjoining might work.

But for now, it’s just plain IMMORAL! I say that both ironically and not. I truly think Babymetal’s existence is, like, a destructive embodiment of social evils.

I do admire the choreography and editing a ton though (the “pushback” sequence especially, in the 2:00-2:20 breakdown… and the fistpumps after, I would not be surprised to learn these girls burn 18,000 calories per day). 

More discussion/arguing here:

how many names can one narrator mispronounce in 90 seconds?

Really digging the new Nightwish, first time in a decade!

Compare original singer Tarja’s operatic yuckiness in the chorus of “She is My Sin” (@1:30)…

…to new singer Floor Jansen’s 2013 rendition: (@2:10)…

Floor be so much more emotive and listenable, so much less fakey-fakey!

cough amazon cough