I LOVE this interpretation.And amazed it doesn’t just sound like mush!

live report: X Japan @ Madison Square Garden (Oct. 11, 2014)

an event which i did not attend

  • Wow, it’s almost a sixth full!
  • That Hide hologram is kinda cool for the first ten seconds but then it gets a little creepy and feels the same way watching revenge porn feels.
  • I wonder if Sugizo is earning more than the other four combined to be here.
  • They didn’t play “Rose of Pain” or “Art of Life”, but had time for a thirty-minute version of X so everyone could go pee.
  • WOW he is SUCH a drama queen! Get up! 
  • Oh good, they’re filming for a bluray! I’ll buy and watch that right after I buy and watch those other three or four concert things they put out five years ago!

It’s “finished” — as much as a battle jacket can be finished…

some ancient factoids i didnt know in here!

The End of Swedish Exceptionalism

  • The center-conservative coalition… dropped one of its main vote-winning policies: tax cuts for those who work.
  • Unemployment is particularly high among young Swedes and immigrants.
  • The increase in economic inequality during the last decade was greater in Sweden than in almost all other OECD countries. 
  • Blue-collar workers and the lower middle class… found themselves on the losing side of a new globalized service and high-tech economy.
  • Sweden has accepted more refugees (and relatives of refugees) than any other European country. The influx from conflict-ridden regions such as the Middle East and North Africa has increased competition for housing and employment.
  • The comparatively generous social benefit system and lack of low-skilled jobs has resulted in a large number of refugees and other immigrants living on welfare.
  • Sparked by discrimination and lack of opportunity, Sweden has also faced the same type of ethnic riots that shook France’s suburbs a few years ago. 

As its metal goes, so goes a nation…

Another funny thing I had forgotten about was that the cover photo was some guy they paid $10 to get hit in the face and they had to pay him $300 because it took 30 punches to get the thing right.