marty friedman | inferno (2014)

So I love (LOVE!) the Rust in Peace Megadeth lineup, of which Marty is a crucial crux, and I love Scenes (Marty’s ancient Kitaro-produced not-very-metal early 90’s solo album), and I love Danko Jones (who sings on two of Inferno’s songs) and Alexi Laiho (CoB) is awesome (and he’s both vocalizing AND guiterrorizing on a track  here… with Danko!) so… 

I like the track “Lycanthrope”, because it’s the only one with Alexi, who’s riffing manages to SLOW Marty THE FUCK down. And it’s got Alexi and Danko trading off vocal lines, not unlike Danko & Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) did to great success in “Couple Suicide” on that Annihilator album a few years back. 

But every other track on here is like Marty on meth. There’s a feeling he recorded the songs, then sped them up by 10%, just to give them more bang? Which wouldn’t be terrible except that everything feels very sterile and Pro-Tools’d to death — every beat and every note starts and ends EXACTLY where the math tells it too, robbing the songs of heart and soul and nuance and humanity.  So then you speed that up and it’s just like ROBOTS PLAYED THIS BEEP BOOP

I would love to hear a live recording of this album, and hear these songs rendered with the natural imperfections inherent in us all. Til then, I can only give it a…



Marty Friedman / “Inferno”

Run Loli Run!

Premier Guitar:

Working with the rhythm section of Skyharbor drummer Anup Sastry and bassist Toshiki Oomomo, [Friedman] also called on friends like Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho, vocalist Danko Jones, Skyharbor’s Keshav Dhar, Rodrigo y Gabriela… and former Cacophony bandmate Jason Becker.

First album he’s done in years that’s got some real aggression to it.  Coming out this month!?

Shitty video though… and Brooklyn has better lookin’ girls than that! 

My Life with Deth by David Ellefson (Oct 2013)

The One with the Shinya (s01e09)

red lamb | red lamb (2012)

Dan Spitz (ex-Anthrax) does his best Megadeth imitation with Red Lamb, a “band” (Spitz + a singer + a hired-hand drummer) AND album that came out eleven months ago with no marketing push despite being “co-produced” by Dave Mustaine. 

I kinda dig it.

It’s like if Countdown to Extinction had been done in the risible Pitrelli/deGrasso era, without the magic that Marty Friedman and Nick Menza brought to the table. But it’s still Mustainian, and therefore still cool.

In fact, a lot of people online thought they WERE listening to Mustaine singing and playing! At several points, I sure did. 

This album has lots of tight riffs servicing memorable melodies. However, the vocals are a bit too spoken-word (think “Hello me, meet the real me” times twelve), and the drums were given short shrift in the mix (some EQing might’ve helped them stand out a bit). But there’s certainly worse Megadeth albums out there!

Cool album art too. :)

Recommended track: “Watchmen”, but not so much for the music as the “free _____” line @1:50, which had me laughing as I walked along my Brooklyn street.