The One with the Shinya (s01e09)

red lamb | red lamb (2012)

Dan Spitz (ex-Anthrax) does his best Megadeth imitation with Red Lamb, a “band” (Spitz + a singer + a hired-hand drummer) AND album that came out eleven months ago with no marketing push despite being “co-produced” by Dave Mustaine. 

I kinda dig it.

It’s like if Countdown to Extinction had been done in the risible Pitrelli/deGrasso era, without the magic that Marty Friedman and Nick Menza brought to the table. But it’s still Mustainian, and therefore still cool.

In fact, a lot of people online thought they WERE listening to Mustaine singing and playing! At several points, I sure did. 

This album has lots of tight riffs servicing memorable melodies. However, the vocals are a bit too spoken-word (think “Hello me, meet the real me” times twelve), and the drums were given short shrift in the mix (some EQing might’ve helped them stand out a bit). But there’s certainly worse Megadeth albums out there!

Cool album art too. :)

Recommended track: “Watchmen”, but not so much for the music as the “free _____” line @1:50, which had me laughing as I walked along my Brooklyn street. 

Marty Friedman got married!

He announced the marriage at his birthday party in December.  No ceremony I guess, just a local city hall deal.

She’s a 41-year-old Japanese cellist. So it’s not Nanase Aikawa (who is already married anyway), nor anyone from Baby Metal, unless the “4” and “1” got transposed.

Tokyo Reporter: Gravure idols Aki Hoshino, Yoko Kumada among celebrities making false claims on auction site

Remember Yoko from Marty Friedman’s Heavy Metal San show? God it’s too bad that show pre-dated Youtube!

I think I digitized (at great effort in 2004/5!) a couple of the better episodes, on a DVDr around here somewhere.