ninety seconds at the Harajuku VK Cosplay Bridge circa 2002 NATSUKASHIIIIDAYOOOO (kyo! mana! nao from kagrra! kyo again! hide! that old guy who’s lost!)


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bataar | owls and snakes (2012)

Okay, so Bataar’s guitarist Baruga is a friend of the site but I MUST confess my total hatred of track 2, “Calamity Moon”, the one that accurately mimics the super-tuned-down, guitars-strung-with-cat’s-guts, Abu-Ghraiby sounds of Dir en grey’s Dum Spiro Spiro. Tastes like hopelessness!

But if you liked DSS you’ll love it.

The other two tracks, mercifully, are musical and good.

The title track uses a variety of sounds — intro piano, some wah, a smooshy crunch, Mana’s harpsichord… clean bits, dirty bits, heavy bits… lots of texture. It builds, it develops, organically. Half intimate, half epic. Ever heard Andromeda’s Extension of the Wish (2001)? That vein.

The third and final track, “Tertius Bestia (studio live)”, is a high speed train chugging halfway between the confident musicianship of the first track to the angry anger of the second. It’s lively, yet deathy! Did they really capture it all live it in one take? Bastards! 

Two outta three ain’t bad.


It’s on amazon & itunes…