24 s9 / Louie s4

So after watching the first couple episodes of the new 24, i am remembering why i never finished the seventh or eighth seasons, or started the first, second or third ones: shit’s so fake!

No functioning collecton of individuals could EVER be that lacerated by that much incompetence, infighting and treason! What, the regular pursuit of terrorists is so easy that it has to be jacked up beyond all rationality? Boo. C’mon. Fuck it, I’ll just watch it in double speed, ignore all the “dialogue”, enjoy the spurts of action and hope it all ends quickly.


Louie was better, insofar as it didn’t care if you got confused or not. (Also, the DSNY is not nearly that bad, and everyone owns plastic garbage cans now.)

But the dream seq in the 2nd ep… that was a dream, right? Someone translate the French lyrics!

but my dick is too aware that your pussy is a chamber of financial ruin (s1e01)

gonna work my way through Lucky Louie because the writing at least seems pretty hilarious

Favorite TV Shows of 2012

The Walking Dead s3 was so vastly improved from last year, with SHIT ACTUALLY HAPPENING, and just so exciting from week to week, that I don’t see how anything else could be BEST OF 2012. Unless you’re not a middle-class white male between the ages of 18-49, I s’pose.

Justified s3 was fine, but inferior to season 2, losing some of the southern shitkicker vibe that made it stand out from other cop shows.

Louie s3 grew into its own, with a much better balance of humor and discomfort than in the past. 

Sherlock s2 was better than s1 but I’d like it better if I weren’t pummeled by so many fucking gifs of whatshisface on Tumblr.  

Wallander s3 was a disappointment after two great seasons.

Southland was pretty good, looking forward to more LA po-po drama.

Thi fall’s SNL was great without Kristen Wiig being Kristen Wiig in EVERY SKETCH for once.

I’m eager for 30Rock to end so I can stop watching it. Oh, and Community's great of course.

Archer continues to be fun. 

I didn’t keep up with Homeland s2. I liked Homeland when I thought it’d just be one season, because how can you stretch that shit to two?  I’ll try it at some point, maybe when there’s nothing else on.

And that’s it. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones and Mad Men all bore me.

Oh, and I got through most of an apparently neverending episode of Downton Abbey at 3am one sleepless night, not enough gunfights.