When Harry Connick, Jr. recently used the word “pentatonic” on American Idol, his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez turned it into a joke. And, indeed, what could be more humorous than a musician of Connick’s stature trying to talk about musical scales on a TV reality show?

Yet football announcers not only talk about “stunts” or the “triple option” but are expected to explain these technical aspects of the game to the unenlightened. The hosts on business cable channels refer to PE ratios and swap spreads, and no one laughs at them. So why can’t a judge in a TV singing contest employ some basic music terminology? http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/03/18/music-criticism-has-degenerated-into-lifestyle-reporting.html

So it’s been about three years of standing deskage now, but there’s been some major changes of late.

Firstly is the purchase this summer of a cheap Windows 8 tablet [amazon], which lets me watch low-expectation non-HDTV-worthy movies and Half-in-the-Bag/Best of the Worst episodes [rlm] on the couch without the kids seeing/hearing. It’s also become how I do 90% of my reading and web browsing now.

Secondly is my growing disinterest in gaming this year — I just don’t enjoy it any longer. 

So I’m at my standing desk using my main PC less and less… it’s mostly for video editing and photoshopping now. 

So I’m sitting a bunch again. [sadtrombone]



Japan’s finance minister Taro Aso said Monday the elderly should be allowed to “hurry up and die” instead of costing the government money for end-of-life medical care.

"This won’t be solved unless you let them hurry up and die," he said.

"I don’t need that kind of care. I will die quickly," he said adding he had left written instructions that his life is not artificially prolonged.

He’s not totally wrong. The bulk of Medicare money here in the U.S. (and I can only assume it’s worse in Japan) gets spent trying to pull out a few more so-so years from elderly people. It should really be going to children who haven’t yet lived a full life.