Wagakki Band - 華火 ~Hanabi~ (Short Version)

This is a preview of their upcoming single written by their lead singer Yuko Suzuhana after the release of their debut vocaloid cover album this past spring. Yuko is pretty but she seems a bit awkward in her solo poses. The CG work looks better than expected with the use of colorfully lit, detailed fantasy setting. Still I feel shooting on location at a historical site has a more authentic and romantic feel like Gackt's “Sakura, chiru…" PV. I guess AVEX (their record label) is going all in with their marketing budget due to the great response from overseas fans on their Facebook page. As for the song itself I was hoping for something with a lot more punch like their awesome cover of "Senbon zakura.” Perhaps the full track will be better? One can only hope.

[DVD] 華火

AVBD-92069  ¥1,620(with taxes)

Track list:

02 華火-MAKING-  [Hanabi -MAKING-]
03 天樂-2014.1.31 at clubasia- [Tengaku - at Club Asia]
First edition comes with the band members’ (photo?) cards.

Via: http://wagakkiband.jp/

Emon Saburo Reborn

…In failing health, and desperate to find the monk before he died, Emon Saburo decided to reverse his direction: instead of trying to catch the monk from behind, he would encounter him head on.

On his last legs, struggling up a steep mountain trail, Emon Saburo met with the monk who had stood eight times at his gate so many years before. Through his changed heart and great effort, he was forgiven; and the monk asked him if he had a final request. Reflecting on his life, Emon Saburo sought a most unusual boon: could he be reborn as the Lord of his province? This would put him in a position to do good for the people, and atone for his cruelty.

So the monk wrote something on a small stone and placed it in Emon Saburo’s hand. After Emon Saburo died, the monk buried him and placed Emon Saburo’s staff as a marker.

Nine months later, a baby was born to the wife of the Lord of Iyo — a baby with a clenched fist. Natural remedies failing to open the child’s hand, a priest was summoned, who charmed it open with prayer and incantation. As the child’s hand slowly opened, there was revealed inside it a stone bearing the words: “Emon Saburo reborn.”


Ryuichi Sakamoto Diagnosed with Throat Cancer



As mentioned by cengiz in the cbox, Nestlé Japan’s Youtube channel has started a serial called “GACKTなゲーム!? ガメ先手ル!" (it very roughly translates to "Gackt plays games!? Game Tackling!") where he plays retro Japanese games for the first time. I think there’s a pun about game center in there as well. Anyways, the channel will be releasing a new clip of Gackt gaming for a year and it seems he’s not very familiar with these retro 8bit/16bit games though he was known as a big fan (self-proclaimed) of the original Playstation. The Gackt Italia channel has translated the first few clips into English if you are curious.

GACKT x Nestle #1: Rockman 2 - July 1st

GACKT x Nestle #4 Rockman 2 - July 4th
Gackt’s “Rockman 2” struggle continue…

GACKT x Nestle #2: Nekketsu Koukou Doggy Ball - July 2nd

GACKT x Nestle #3: Downtown Tale of Nekketsu - July 3rd
The show’s host, Takumi, joins Gackt as player 2 but he gets caught in Gackt’s fists of fury in this classic fighting game.

YT: Nestlé Japan’s official channel
The Gackt fansub channel: Gackt Italia

Oh if you like this kind of retro gaming shows, I recommend you check out Game Center CX, where the host tackles really punishing classics like the original “Ninja Gaiden.” I’m not a retro gamer, but this show is pretty interesting.

"In Japan, teachers, priests, and policemen are traditionally the most lecherous, hard-drinking segments of society, and the teachers I worked with certainly lived up to their part of the bargain. The highlight of the year was the Faculty Cherry Blossom Viewing Party. We would crowd in under a stand of cherry trees, officially to view the flowers and reflect on the transience of life, but in reality as an excuse to blow off steam, spread malicious gossip, quaff great quantities, and flirt shamelessly with each other."

Will Ferguson, Hokkaido Highway Blues (1998)

Music was better twenty years ago. :P

me in 1994 ^_^


[slightly better sounding but not by much youtube version]

Still more average metal from Loudness. “The Sun Will Rise Again” off The Sun Will Rise Again (2014).

So I guess Akira’s wearing a wig now?