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Kiyoharu - Kuroyume at Zepp Tokyo -『地獄ノ三夜』live series - April 12th, 2014

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As it turned out the Pierrot announcement at Studio Alta (also broadcasted on Nico Nico) is for a mini tour of two reunion shows titled “DICTATORS CIRCUS FINAL" in October. No other specific details were given besides the tour dates and a montage of a flower blooming along with Kirito coming back to pick up the mic after violently kicking it down (the last scene from their "Hello" PV). So here are the two shows and their individual subtitles:

  • October 24th - I SAID「HELLO」-
  • October 25th - BIRTHDAY -

ORICON STYLE at Yahoo Japan News made some interesting comments regarding the title of the tour yesterday. The writer speculated that despite the tour title having the world “FINAL” in it, this might not indicate it is a one time only deal due to the fact that Pierrot’s first major album was titled “Finale.” Ironically, their last single released 8 years ago was “Hello" as seen in the announcement video above. Of course we would have to see how much of a reunion we’re really getting in October.

A temporary fanclub has been set up to sell advance tickets and I have a feeling both shows would be sold out mad fast. Pierrot had a really loyal following fanbase and the band treated them really well. You could only buy the full length live DVDs of their shows in the fanclub while the regular mass market editions had only a small portion of the setlists. When I was trying to decide which live DVDs to get years ago, it was frustrating compared to collecting Laruku DVDs.

This announcement had an estimated 7000 turnout, guess the loyal fanbase is still alive.

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SUGIZO x Kyo on the cover of Motto2

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BREAKING: An Announcement for an Announcement from PIERROT?

All we know so far is to standby at the giant monitor at Studio Alta in Shinjuku on this Saturday at 4pm. Pierrot disbanded back in 2006 and it was announced on April 12th, so this date is not a coincidence. How many are guessing that this is another reunion? Hey, I’m not complaining. (Goes off to listen to “Private Enemy” again.) XD What is your favorite Pierrot album?

Here’s a photo of the so-called studio display, in case you’re going to see this event in person.

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In preparation of YOSHIKI’s upcoming Classical World Tour, JROCKNYC has been given the opportunity to interview YOSHIKI, and would like to know what YOU, our readers, would like to ask him. Make your questions good, interesting, and worthwhile! And remember the #1 rule of interviewing - avoid asking yes/no questions. The fate of this interview is in your hands! 

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