In preparation of YOSHIKI’s upcoming Classical World Tour, JROCKNYC has been given the opportunity to interview YOSHIKI, and would like to know what YOU, our readers, would like to ask him. Make your questions good, interesting, and worthwhile! And remember the #1 rule of interviewing - avoid asking yes/no questions. The fate of this interview is in your hands! 

Please submit your questions below in the comments section and we will compile a list to ask YOSHIKI. 

Deadline to submit questions : April 18th.
 Will update this post at a later time. 

From an interview with Toshiya about the songwriting process for “Sustain the Untruth”:

Is the change in Shinya’s drumming approach that was brought about in that process very big?

Toshiya: Yes it’s big. There are good points to doing pre-production on a computer but there’s also a bad side to doing it all on it. There was often times when he couldn’t play in reality what he had created on the computer. This time he actually created the phrases while playing his drum kit which I thought was a dramatic change.


Read the interview here

Bookslut: I recently heard a younger author — about ten years younger than you — say on a panel that his work is inspired by the Internet.

WellsTower: What? Oh my god. The internet is a fucking curse! To write good fiction, you have to get into a tiny space that’s infinitely deep. That thing [the Internet] is so vast, yet has only a centimeter of depth. I actually have two desks; one with internet for magazine work, and a desk just for writing that’s completely offline. “Inspired by the internet…”