INORAN - Something about you PV

INORAN’s new single “Something about you” for sale on his upcoming tour. Sung in garbled up Engrish, but better than whatever he released on his last 2 albums. 

Jrock BLAST from the PAST

Starting with this first entry I am beginning a new series of random jrock songs from the past that either made quite an impact in the Jrock scene back in their day, are a bit obscure but yet so awesomely cool, or are just that damn good!

Endless, The Art of Losing Touch by Fake? (2004)

In what is perhaps Fake?’s most beautifully crafted and subtle rock ballad yet, Inoran and Ken truly make some magic with this slow-tempo song. Ken’s english lyrics and passionate subtlety along with Inoran’s gorgeously memorable yet highly ‘discreet’ guitar, makes this one of Fake? best songs ever and one of their surprisingly few ballads of this kind. It sure gave The Art of Losing Touch a much needed sense of ambiance and relaxation located right at the center of this highly energetic album.



luna sea | ra-se-n (live 2007)

This is my favorite Luna Sea song. 

It’s from Style, my favorite Luna Sea album.

Shine sucks, okay?