hide tribute spirits & singles collection tab on ebay… for $8.00! 

the tribute one also has L’Arc’s “Heaven’s Drive” in it — wtf!? (Shows you how often I even looked at that one. I got it for the Luna Sea version of “scanner” back when I was covering j-rock songs with Lo-Rez in the Bowery in 1999/2000.)

Uh, and if you win this hide auction, AND the luna sea tab book auction, AND the x japan tab book auction… i’ll give you dir en grey’s GAUZE tab book for free. that’s like 30 pounds of music for the price of 3! 

X Japan band scores for Dahlia and On the Verge of Destruction 

~only $8 on ebay!~

I have this thing going, if one person wins all three auctions — the Luna Sea, X Japan, AND hide tab books — then i’ll include my copy of Dir en grey’s GAUZE tab book too, for free.


I cherished these for a long time, but it’s time to face it, I’m not gonna learn any more songs.

I ~almost~ bought a sheet feed scanner and started cutting off the bindings to scan, but I don’t have time to play guitar, so how am I supposed to spend time SCANNING things I’m never going to look at again!?!

I’m tempted to send these to people for free (one at a time) if they promise to scan each page, but I guess that’s illegal.

ninety seconds at the Harajuku VK Cosplay Bridge circa 2002 NATSUKASHIIIIDAYOOOO (kyo! mana! nao from kagrra! kyo again! hide! that old guy who’s lost!)


Top 5 Most Known Japanese Musicians according to MIT’s Pantheon Project. [link]

thx henrique!

how many names can one narrator mispronounce in 90 seconds?

Blotchy, lumpy, Yoshky! And Hide mid-blink. Or is he sleeping and has eyes painted on his eyelids?