Best ~Things~ of 2013 

  1. bluetooth headset - I listen to podcasts while walking to work and when watching the kids at the park. I like one ear free for SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. I like being able to replace earbuds without replacing the whole bluetooth unit. And I like to skip ads in podcasts. I use a Samsung HS3000 (no longer available) and a Sony MW600 to do all these things. They pair as effortlessly with my Note III as they did with my iPhone 4S. I clip ‘em to my shirt or coat pocket and don’t have to pull out my phone, or even take my eyes off the kids/traffic/etc, to skip ahead or pause or adjust the volume. I use these headsets everyday. I could not function without them.

  2. earbud - I use the “Far End Gear Short Buds Short Cord Single In-Ear Stereo-to-Mono Earbud” because they’re not all long and tangly (perfect for plugging in to a bluetooth headset clipped to a coat/shirt pocket!), they are sturdy and metal with a braided cable, they sound great, and crucially, they run stereo signals to mono, leaving one ear free for the aforementioned SITUATIONAL AWARENESS without losing the left channel like a cheapy mono earbud is wont to do. 

  3. headphones - Grados. SR-60s. Open (so your ears don’t get all sweaty like your BALLS, and so the music sounds livelier). Great for metal. Less than $100. Classic looks. Head-fi cred without being stupidly expensive.. And made right here in Brooklyn, less than a mile away.

  4. guitar mount - Swing String gee-tar hanger! Hang your pretty guitars on the wall like the art dat they is. 

  5. flashlight - When we go out at night, we carry these Ultrafires. Cars can see the kids crossing the street from A MILE AWAY, and if you’re attacked, you can use it to blind the attacker and then run, or bash at his skull a bit with the raised edges of the rim. (You’ll need to buy a separate charger, but we only need to charge once every 5 or 6 weeks.)

Finally hung me “new” Destroyer (thx E!) up!

ps - dig how the iphone lens makes the Destroyer look like a petite Explorer!

ps2 - also, hide on the left, eddie on the right!

Sugizo’s “Super Guitarist Meeting” is mostly guys I don’t recognize, plus Die & Kaoru.

On my itty-bitty iPhone screen, I can’t even tell if this is a photoshop collage or an actual legit photo!

Thx trickor!

This (nebulous measure of time) in Jimi


Here are two videos I appear in for Tommy’s new album coming out in a coupla weeks. I wrote all lyrics on two songs. I’m a lyricist! I also did an interview for an Indonesian blog, and I answered a lot of good questions!

Fucha! Fucha! Yapanese fucha!


LUNA SEA Guitar & Bass Exhibit at ESP Shibuya Craft House

I read that the ESP shops were holding a LUNA SEA instrument exhibit, so I stopped by the Shibuya Craft House to take a look. Inside, they had several of J’s basses and SUGIZO’s guitars on display, including some broken in pieces, and two TVs displaying live footage of LUNA SEA above. I guess since INORAN is now using Fenders, his ESP models got axed =( All the instruments had signs on them that read, “guitar/bass used by the actual person” and “DON’T TOUCH PLEASE.” I took a few quick pictures of the exhibit and then some of the Dir en grey models, since I know a lot of people here are DEG fans =)

There was a box on the side of the display table filled with old LUNA SEA guitar/bass ads, some dating as far back as 1993/1994(!). One of the store workers saw me looking at them and told me that you get a poster only if you buy a LUNA SEA guitar/bass model. Then he asked me if I was going to see their upcoming Budokan shows. I nodded my head and told him I’m from the US, and we talked a bit about LUNA SEA, SUGIZO’s guitars, etc. Of course he tried to convince me to buy a guitar, but I told him as tempting as that was, I didn’t have room in my luggage for it. He showed me the LUNA SEA Complete Gears book on the table and asked me if I owned any of SUGIZO’s instruments. I pointed to the Edwards ES-100 PR-III guitar and black Kranz violin in the book, and then he asked me which of SUGIZO’s guitars was my favorite. After some thinking, I pointed to the Brilliant Mixed Media Eclipse on display, which he then took down from the wall and asked me if I wanted to hold it(!!!). He mentioned S.K.I.N., and I tried to tell him it’s very Yoshiki-like to only do one concert. I don’t think he quite understood what I meant… Now that I think about it, maybe he was referring to SUGIZO’s Navigator S.K.I.N. guitar - oops! Anyways, it was cool to see some of SUGIZO and J’s old instruments and practice my Japanese =)

This guy and HJFreaks need to join forces.