Here, have some “haruka” :)

Iku o kunoooooo…!

Assembled myself a new guitar in December.  It’s not “J” or “NYC”, but can Rock a bit when necessary.


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Sugizo’s “Super Guitarist Meeting” is mostly guys I don’t recognize, plus Die & Kaoru.

On my itty-bitty iPhone screen, I can’t even tell if this is a photoshop collage or an actual legit photo!

Thx trickor!

This (nebulous measure of time) in Jimi


Here are two videos I appear in for Tommy’s new album coming out in a coupla weeks. I wrote all lyrics on two songs. I’m a lyricist! I also did an interview for an Indonesian blog, and I answered a lot of good questions!

Sugizo’s guitar picks — “STOP WARS: May the Peace with you” (Be motherfucker, Be with you!)

Collecting picks is a nice way to own something physical by a favorite band that doesn’t break the bank or take up a lot of space.