i HATE when my blazer falls over my strings.

thx macro!

Ji Won Jung (I dunno, she was in my facebook!)


I cherished these for a long time, but it’s time to face it, I’m not gonna learn any more songs.

I ~almost~ bought a sheet feed scanner and started cutting off the bindings to scan, but I don’t have time to play guitar, so how am I supposed to spend time SCANNING things I’m never going to look at again!?!

I’m tempted to send these to people for free (one at a time) if they promise to scan each page, but I guess that’s illegal.

Marty Friedman / “Inferno”

Run Loli Run!

Premier Guitar:

Working with the rhythm section of Skyharbor drummer Anup Sastry and bassist Toshiki Oomomo, [Friedman] also called on friends like Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho, vocalist Danko Jones, Skyharbor’s Keshav Dhar, Rodrigo y Gabriela… and former Cacophony bandmate Jason Becker.

First album he’s done in years that’s got some real aggression to it.  Coming out this month!?

Shitty video though… and Brooklyn has better lookin’ girls than that! 

Here, have some “haruka” :)

Iku o kunoooooo…!

Assembled myself a new guitar in December.  It’s not “J” or “NYC”, but can Rock a bit when necessary.


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