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the tribute one also has L’Arc’s “Heaven’s Drive” in it — wtf!? (Shows you how often I even looked at that one. I got it for the Luna Sea version of “scanner” back when I was covering j-rock songs with Lo-Rez in the Bowery in 1999/2000.)

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Most bold Jrock PVs of all time!

We can always do without the plethora of the usual Tokyo city landscape shots and creative pvs that are filmed from the confines of the Japanese music studio, but can we do without the surprisingly and yet awesome Jrock PVs that were shot in a location that had to bring about some inner toughness and boldness from the jrock band or artist themselves displaying their most bold attempt yet?

Here are some of my notable favorites!

Siam Shade - 1/3 no jun jouna kanjou

Seeing Siam Shade in their most boy-bandish late 1990’s ensemble yet while in a dry hot desert and surrounded by a few wickedly cool helicopters is a surreal experience indeed! Though Siam Shade was no stranger to shooting in deserts later in their career, this was one of their earliest PVs that had it along with Passion, the difference however is that 1/3 no jun jouna kanjou has all the action that was missing from the latter.


B’z - Liar! Liar!

Very few jrock bands and solo artists would video shoot in the west in the 90’s, let alone the south! But lo and behold B’z who was already familiar with video shooting in the U.S. before in places like Los Angeles and New York City, decided to shoot this PV full of southern comfort in the Big Easy, New Orleans. Very surreal seeing Koshi in the deserted New Orleans streets!


Schwein - You’re My Disease

This short-lived Buck-Tick offshoot shot this sexy (well, Sakurai at least) yet gritty video not in the posh and tourist laden streets of Manhattan but in that exotic land to the east called Brooklyn! Possibly one of the few jrock videos shot at a Brooklyn loft; this PV shows that the members of Buck-Tick are true pioneers of their craft.


Glay - Winter, Again (latest version)

While old-school Glay opted to shoot the original version of this memorable jrock song within the confines of a studio, mature age has made these guys tougher as they shot this latest version in the frozen tundra! This band has always been known for their poppish rock and mainstream rock ballads but they really showed their tough endurance and determination in this PV! You can tell Teru hated his job at the time, what with the constipated look, but they remained loyal to the concept and did it!


Cocco - The Strong and Ephemeral

For a girl known to have many phobias especially early in her career, Cocco sure did brought out all her inner strength to get through the video shoot of this PV! Though the location itself was very serene and calm, she practically looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown several times! Good for her for confronting her fears boldly so! 


Shiina Ringo - GIPS

Shiina has always been the fiercest of all the Jrock ladies but she was probably her most fierce in this strangely doomsday-esque video where she boldly shows her raw passion and even a bit of crazy while jamming down her signature guitar. Though this is the only one of my choices to be shot indoors within a studio, hey it’s the mindset that counts!


What is your list of most bold attempt or display of dauntlessness in a jrock PV of all time?