It’s “finished” — as much as a battle jacket can be finished…

Ginger - 555%
Not heavy enough! 

Ginger - Hey Hello
Heavier and pretty Wildheartsy. 

Gory Blister - Earth Sick
Just enough melody to keep this technical death enjoyable.

Halestorm - The Strange Case of…
There’s one track I super-duper like: “Love Bites (And So Do I).” Then there’s an indeterminate number of other tracks that aren’t even close to being as awesome. 

J - On Fire
The usual J solo disc, but with 10% more oomph and 5% more depth. 

Luna Sea - Rouge/Dream
On paper I should really like these two heavy-ish tracks that mark a return to form for one of (if not THE) greatest j-rock bands ever. But I find myself quickly tuning out, and not airguitaring or airdrumming like I would expect.

Luna Sea - The One ~Crash to Create~
Can’t even remember how it goes.

Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction 20th Anniv 2CD
It’s nice to finally have some of these Cow Palace live tracks (a few were rare b-sides back in the early nineties that I paid like $10 each for). Also, I guess the album proper it’s been remastered again? 

Merrow - Retrospecial
The surprise hit of the year! Loved this album of instrumental metal madness. “Spice Dealer!" "N.O.O.B.E!"

MUCC - Shangri-La
There’s some pretty ripping stuff here; the first two tracks are very Kodomo no Bodom (a.k.a. Blood Stain Child). Several duds as well but hell, it’s the first Mucc album in five years that I’m happy to have.

…to be concluded