i think ruki actually handed me the top one, at takadanobaba AREA some crazy hot summer day.

flyers for sale! 



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(Too lazy to actually look up what songs you guys voted up back then.) ;^_^m



According to the site, you can:

  •   Sleep in his arms
  •   Go out for a date (all costs must be borne by the client)
  •   Have him clean for you (Simple cleaning tasks like vacuuming, etc., so long as it’s nothing discomforting)
  •   Eat together at a restaurant (all costs must be borne by the client)
  •   Have him cook for you (ingredients must be prepared by the client)

And here’s what clients are forbidden from doing:

  • Touching his genitals or reaching under his clothes
  • Taking a shower or bath together
  • Kissing or other intimate contact not specified in the service outline
  • Anything that would sexually arouse him
  • Contacting him in private without the permission of Soine-ya Prime
  • Hidden photography, wiretapping, etc.

And yet Japan’s birthrate continues to decline!?! [/sarcasm]