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i HATE when my blazer falls over my strings.

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As mentioned by cengiz in the cbox, Nestlé Japan’s Youtube channel has started a serial called “GACKTなゲーム!? ガメ先手ル!" (it very roughly translates to "Gackt plays games!? Game Tackling!") where he plays retro Japanese games for the first time. I think there’s a pun about game center in there as well. Anyways, the channel will be releasing a new clip of Gackt gaming for a year and it seems he’s not very familiar with these retro 8bit/16bit games though he was known as a big fan (self-proclaimed) of the original Playstation. The Gackt Italia channel has translated the first few clips into English if you are curious.

GACKT x Nestle #1: Rockman 2 - July 1st

GACKT x Nestle #4 Rockman 2 - July 4th
Gackt’s “Rockman 2” struggle continue…

GACKT x Nestle #2: Nekketsu Koukou Doggy Ball - July 2nd

GACKT x Nestle #3: Downtown Tale of Nekketsu - July 3rd
The show’s host, Takumi, joins Gackt as player 2 but he gets caught in Gackt’s fists of fury in this classic fighting game.

YT: Nestlé Japan’s official channel
The Gackt fansub channel: Gackt Italia

Oh if you like this kind of retro gaming shows, I recommend you check out Game Center CX, where the host tackles really punishing classics like the original “Ninja Gaiden.” I’m not a retro gamer, but this show is pretty interesting.

Gackt as Yoshiki @ Camui Gakuen 12/2013 (and he actually drums!)

(Is that really gackt? I thought he was less muscle and more sinew.)

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Top 5 Most Known Japanese Musicians according to MIT’s Pantheon Project. [link]

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Gackt - P.S. I Love You (PV)

The PV is a seven minutes mini-film for his latest single released two days ago, so the song pauses a bit here and there. It’s actually better than I expected and not full of the “daikishimeru” or various forms of this word that was used in his old ballads. Still “P.S. I Love You" is not much of a departure from what he has been releasing lately. "Sakura, chiru…" is the only standout so far. :/

Gackt visits Shibuya Tsutaya on release day

Love that he gets mobbed by guys and girls!

Via: The GACKTofficial YT channel

Eyes=Mirrorge became Drop (because there was already an Eyes=Mirrorge is Sacramento). 

Phobia was a great fuckin’ VK band. They shoulda gone further but I get the impression they were just brilliant guys goofing off for a couple years before going to med/law school or somethin’.

Remember how CRAZY people went when it was announced Hyde AND Gackt were gonna star in a vampire(?) flick together? Holy Shit. :)