X Japan: Before and After

It’s not so much the reduction of gigabytes from 2.5 to 1.0, it’s the reduction of detritic song files from 435 to 184. This is a band that literally has like forty songs total, of which only about a dozen are great. 

Those songs (in order of release) are:

  1. Sadistic Desire
  2. Week End
  3. Rose of Pain
  4. Endless Rain
  5. Kurenai
  6. Silent Jealousy
  7. Miscast
  8. Desperate Angel
  9. Stab Me in the Back
  10. Joker
  11. Say Anything
  12. Dahlia
  13. Scars
  14. Rusty Nail
  15. Tears
  16. Forever Love

Still, you have to admire a band where an entire THIRD of their output is classifiable as “great”. Most bands it’s like one-tenth?

However, the studio versions are inferior to the live versions on the 1992 “Verge…” and 1997 “Live Live Live” DVD releases, so you could knock your whole collection down to those two releases and have more than enough X-ness in your life.

Now all I have to do is dig up those DVDs, and rip them at 320k… (I ripped them at 160k cbr at a time when that was considered ~extravagant~.) Guess I’m gonna go do that now, I think I still have my DVDs in CD wallets in a closet somewhere here…