"In Japan, teachers, priests, and policemen are traditionally the most lecherous, hard-drinking segments of society, and the teachers I worked with certainly lived up to their part of the bargain. The highlight of the year was the Faculty Cherry Blossom Viewing Party. We would crowd in under a stand of cherry trees, officially to view the flowers and reflect on the transience of life, but in reality as an excuse to blow off steam, spread malicious gossip, quaff great quantities, and flirt shamelessly with each other."

Will Ferguson, Hokkaido Highway Blues (1998)

wood chuck hard cider cellar series chocolate

there’s no way this doesn’t taste like splooge of the devil but I HAD to get it


It’s a Christmas/Sam’s Club miracle!


FATHER: What are all those people doing in Santa costumes?
CONCIERGE: Santacon. They get drunk in Santa costumes and go bar hopping.
MOTHER: My 4 year old one saw one vomit. They’re killing dreams.

Not the best, or worst, thing that Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) have stuck their name on. But c’mon, like I wasn’t going to pick one up with that bottle staring back at me from the shelf.