Upcoming Metal Albums - Sept/Oct 2013

9/24 - Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Haven’t even listened to the entirety of their last album yet, but they get auto-listen status just for Images & Words and Awake… no matter how many sleepy duds they’ve put out in the last few years.

10/11 - Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash (live)
Alex Skolnick’s return makes The Testy worth monitoring, despite 
psychotically diminishing returns.


10/14 - Trivium - Vengeance Falls
Their only great track is “Pull Harder”, and that was a hundred years ago, but you never know!


10/15 - Pelican - Forever Becoming
Already up on the interwebs, this first album after founding guitarist Frenchy LeFraunchname quit holds the promise of a return to the band’s heavier original form after their unsuccessful detour into something like traditional metal in the late 00s. 


10/18 - Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
These guys had that one badass stoner track two decades ago now, and I ain’t heard a thing since, so I’m curious.


10/25 - Sahg - Delusions of Grandeur
I think of these guys rather insolently as “Black Sabbath, if Black Sabbath was much better.” Sahg incorporate a lot more balls and chunk into their more efficient tunes. If you always wanted to like Sabbath more but never quite could, you may wanna give Delusions a listen.

10/28 - Ayreon - Theory of Everything
I vastly prefer Arjen’s heavier, sci-fi-metal project Star One, but there’ll be some bleedover and this double album will be heavier than the last one?

10/29 - Russian Circles - Memorial
This post-metal trio blew my mind at SXSW06 (almost better than the Dir en grey show a day later!)… but they haven’t quite risen to the heights I once predicted, and their last couple releases felt inert. 



10/29 - Protest the Hero - Volition
These guys make me tired, but in the OPPOSITE way that Dream Theater does — Hero overstimulates! My hope is,  that as they’ve aged, they’ve mellowed — just by 10% or so. Added a couple ice cubes to their bourbon, so to speak.


many more upcoming albums listed @ http://www.metalstorm.net/events/new_releases

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