Winery Dogs Unleashed in Japan (2013) [amazon - but $99]

Beauty-beauty-beautyfull concert recording. Graceful motions from the cameras and the band, cut and faded to magical effect, the tight depth of field maintained so elegantly that it may have been done in post, and everything steeped like teas in natural browns and greens.

Stills taken from the track “Regret”, my favorite by far on the disc. [youtube]

Upcoming Metal Albums - Sept/Oct 2013

9/24 - Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Haven’t even listened to the entirety of their last album yet, but they get auto-listen status just for Images & Words and Awake… no matter how many sleepy duds they’ve put out in the last few years.

10/11 - Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash (live)
Alex Skolnick’s return makes The Testy worth monitoring, despite 
psychotically diminishing returns.


10/14 - Trivium - Vengeance Falls
Their only great track is “Pull Harder”, and that was a hundred years ago, but you never know!


10/15 - Pelican - Forever Becoming
Already up on the interwebs, this first album after founding guitarist Frenchy LeFraunchname quit holds the promise of a return to the band’s heavier original form after their unsuccessful detour into something like traditional metal in the late 00s. 


10/18 - Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
These guys had that one badass stoner track two decades ago now, and I ain’t heard a thing since, so I’m curious.


10/25 - Sahg - Delusions of Grandeur
I think of these guys rather insolently as “Black Sabbath, if Black Sabbath was much better.” Sahg incorporate a lot more balls and chunk into their more efficient tunes. If you always wanted to like Sabbath more but never quite could, you may wanna give Delusions a listen.

10/28 - Ayreon - Theory of Everything
I vastly prefer Arjen’s heavier, sci-fi-metal project Star One, but there’ll be some bleedover and this double album will be heavier than the last one?

10/29 - Russian Circles - Memorial
This post-metal trio blew my mind at SXSW06 (almost better than the Dir en grey show a day later!)… but they haven’t quite risen to the heights I once predicted, and their last couple releases felt inert. 



10/29 - Protest the Hero - Volition
These guys make me tired, but in the OPPOSITE way that Dream Theater does — Hero overstimulates! My hope is,  that as they’ve aged, they’ve mellowed — just by 10% or so. Added a couple ice cubes to their bourbon, so to speak.


many more upcoming albums listed @

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