just thought i’d play the “reminds me of”-game for a bit. based on these previews:

elisabeth addict: vinushka (quieter parts)
destrudo: one of these ‘kisou’ intermission tracks
nine melted fiction: rotting root
zephyr: glass skin/the final
hidden one: rinkaku (verse)
uyuu no sora: extended zan intro
the daemon’s cutlery: something off gauze/macabre i’m not sure actually exists
scars like velvet: the blossoming beelzebub
mama: yokan!!!
hemimetabolism: taiyou no ao (verse)
madara ningen: that slightly traditional sounding folk song on every mucc album
in all weathers:

feel free to disgress/fill in the blanks!

danke cliff!

sukekiyos “immortalis” album (out april 30th) is shaping up to be all kinds of awesome. this is also the track that’ll be remixed by TK of rin toshite shigure fame. only roughly two more weeks. 


「zephyr」 by sukekiyo @ Radio NACK5 「BEAT SHUFFLE」 2014.04.11

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SUGIZO x Kyo on the cover of Motto2

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Some new sukekiyo/immortalis tidbits! New 30 second trailer featuring footage from the in all weathers PV. Plus, the kyoraboration CD tracklist has been revealed:

aftermath Collaboration with キリト (Angelo)
鵠 Remixed by PABLO (P.T.P)
zephyr Remixed by TK (凛として時雨)
in all weathers Remixed by Jonathan Davis (Korn)
nine melted fiction Remixed by 石井 秀仁 (cali≠gari, GOATBED)
hemimetabolism Remixed by SUGIZO (LUNA SEA, X JAPAN)
scars like velvet Remixed by 室姫 深
the daemon’s cutlery Remixed by 人時
hidden one Remixed by HISASHI (GLAY)
mama Remixed by 橘 尭葉 / 妖精帝國
aftermath Remixed by acid android

Only a couple more weeks!