Stockholm-based Austrian advertising student Hugo Gstrein has created a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign for European budget airline Ryanair that basically tells disgruntled passengers to “shut the f**k up” because “beggers can’t be choosers”. 

Oh, how I wish this was real…

haku | everything but the love (2013)

Time for your regular dose of HaKU radness. They’ve made a habit of visually appealing videos, blending graphics and performance. This time around, they went all out graphic with the help of graphic designers TYMOTE, a.k.a the “Pirates of Design.”

"everything but the love" is off their mini-album wonderland, dropping June 5th. It’s also being used as the theme song for TBS Boxing. I’m not even kidding (watch the main vid). Ain’t no love in pummeling another human being for entertainment, I guess. This just doesn’t come across as an aggressive enough song for a boxing theme.