TOUR2013 GHOUL 9.24 SENDAI Rensa Live Report

BRILLIANT way to do live reports!

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"It’s the Incredible Kyo!"

NY Daily News:

Weed’ guy stabs ‘Beer’ guy in Times Square as Broadway shows let out

Panhandler holding an ‘I Need Money for Weed’ sign goes after his rival holding an ‘I Need Beer’ sign. Predator and Alien were questioned about the incident.

He stabbed him five times in the head and body WITH A PEN

"You wouldn’t like me when I’m singing…"

Jeff Hanneman, Slayer Guitarist, Dies at 49

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of Slayer whose career was irrevocably changed after a spider bite, has died. He was 49.

Slayer spokeswoman Heidi Robinson-Fitzgerald said Hanneman died Thursday morning of liver failure at a Los Angeles hospital with his wife, Kathy, by his side.

The guitarist had recently begun writing songs with the band in anticipation of recording a new album later this year. He had been slowly recovering from what was believed to be a spider bite that nearly cost him his arm after he failed to seek immediate treatment. (nytimes)

Hanne-man, Hanneman, does whatever a hanne can!

RIP dude.

If you read one currently ongoing comic it should be Locke & Key! But if you read TWO, The Walking Dead is required. Well written but easy to pick up and read whenever you have a free moment. And there are over 100 issues now, so you won’t have to worry about waiting month to mont for 30 measly pages (until you catch up!). 

This current issue has Carl being his little freak show self and definitely giving you a taste of where this book will be in the next year or two. TV Carl is a BITCH compared to comic Carl!

Incidentally there has never been a “where’s Carl?” plot line in the comic - they avoid shitty cliched stuff like that, generally. 

Side note for Go: The Nexus 7 is literally the best device for comics. It is mandatory to check some out now.