Blindness or Deafness? Choose.

God, that’s impossible.

One, you can never feast your eyes upon a beautiful woman again, and it’s a hell of a lot harder to get around.

The other, you never get to listen to music. EVER. AGAIN.

"Zoku Konton" is the 16th single released by Nakagawa Shoko.

Too much ribbon!

Looks a bit like the chick elf in that Jim Henson movie from the ’80s!

X Japan: Jealousy (Yoshiki-less Version) DVD (2013)


Beautiful Armageddon It girl, give me all of your lovin’! <3

She was definitely the best one there.

Wish MTV would do a “Where Are They Now” for 80’s rock video chicks. 

USA Today:

Jamie Sniffen, 39, held back a charging pitbull and watched as the two men fought, her boyfriend stabbing and pistol whipping her obese paramour, who came at him with a stereo speaker.