Having to read footnotes resembles having to go downstairs to answer the door while in the midst of making love.
Noel Coward

X Japan band scores for Dahlia and On the Verge of Destruction 

~only $8 on ebay!~

I have this thing going, if one person wins all three auctions — the Luna Sea, X Japan, AND hide tab books — then i’ll include my copy of Dir en grey’s GAUZE tab book too, for free.


Own books from your childhood that you’ll never read, can’t sell, could never toss, and hope that maybe your kids might someday discover? HAVE I GOT A TIP FOR YOU!

My Life with Deth by David Ellefson (Oct 2013)

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette (amazon) (gif or ebook or “real” paper thingbook)

It’s not a problem in Brooklyn much, but in Manhattan, I am constantly channeling Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride: EVERYBODY MOVE!

Even in an era of Kardashians, actually making things matters. “Tangible achievements,” Hidalgo says, “whether these are songs, books, works of art or scientific discoveries, are better tickets to long-term immortality than the accumulation of material wealth.”


Next up.

Read this New Yorker article on the death of dedicated cameras by Tokyo-New York design guy Craig Mod last week, and found it insightful enough to buy “his” book…

…but when it arrived I discovered he only did the design, not any writing, d’oh.

Haven’t been motivated to read past the first awful page written by a woman who got groped on the train. She writes like she’s on Livejournal in 2001, and if that’s the “essay” they opened the book with, I can’t imagine how much more downhill it can get.

Such a ringing endorsement deserves it’s own Amazon link!