New Sodmy @ Omotesando F.A.B.

Aug 27, 2002

Spent the early part of the day compiling an archive of Deg and Pierrot tracks. Three full 700mb CD-Rs of stuff, I had to burn. Joyous! The Deg is utterly complete; the Pierrot one, i had to dis-include Kikurui Pierrot (Kikurui is French for “sounds like they dropped a carousel full of monkeys down the side of the Eiffel Tower.”) 

The weird thing about compiling archives is this: if my house burns down and I lose all my CDs, i’m going to buy all Deg’s stuff all over again. So why make the archive? If anything, I should be backing up the stuff I -don’t- like! For example, La Mule’s latter-day releases, anything by Inoran, that Earl Grey EP i keep intending to listen to all the way through but never seem to have time for… the list goes on and on. But that’s stupid! Backing up shit you don’t want! What a predicament.

Salvation arrived through a call from Inertia: she has an extra ticket for New Sodmy’s final live; do I want to come? I kinda do, I kinda don’t; we all remember how I felt about the other recent show of theirs I saw… but in the end I felt I should give the band one last chance. And if they suck, I’ll never go see them ever again!!!

Also, there’d be girls. Plus final lives always hold a couple interesting surprises.

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