Death and she Life-in-Death,
hey roll their dice for the crew

The Mariner encounters a rotting hulk with two figures onboard; Death and Life-in-Death who are playing dice over the souls of the Mariner and his crew…”



Even in an era of Kardashians, actually making things matters. “Tangible achievements,” Hidalgo says, “whether these are songs, books, works of art or scientific discoveries, are better tickets to long-term immortality than the accumulation of material wealth.”

The New Yorker:

…a gold-washed silk scroll by Suzuki Kiitsu, in which a cannibalistic demon gazes at cherry blossoms while a servant washes his victims’ blood-soaked clothes.

Me: That sounds totally wicked!

[googles for it]

Me, 2 seconds later: What a letdown! 

when brain not work, google count on

Walk past art shop in Brooklyn.

See a large Bierstadt canvas print on an easel, next to Starry Night.

Christmas gift pour moi?

Enter shop.

"How much is the Bierstadt in the window?"

Clerk approaches easel, looks at one print, looks at the other, looks at me. “Which one?”


Cool metal tees… This could be your only chance!

One day left!

You know how some rich collectors buy famous, valuable art and hang it in their private homes instead of in public galleries, like ASSHOLES?

That’s how I feel about owning these now. I can’t wear them anymore (too FAT!) so they’re stuck in a closet instead of being worn by beautiful people to beautiful concerts by beautiful bands.

They’re not getting SHARED with the rock community. That’s a damn shame! Please, take them away! WEAR THEM! WEAR THEM OUT!


TOUR2013 GHOUL 9.24 SENDAI Rensa Live Report

BRILLIANT way to do live reports!

(via kyoko-murakami)