Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku - Episode 17 (1998)

Just watch it and bear with me until 0:57 at least. Just found out today, after all these years from this of all places…

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Hayao Miyazaki has completed his first new movie in five years.

"Kaze Tachinu" or The Wind Is Rising, focuses on the life of Jiro Horikoshi. He designed the famous Zero fighter plane for the defunct Japanese Imperial Army during World War Two.

Miyazaki told a news conference on Monday in Tokyo that he wanted to depict the inner struggles of a man who lived through difficult times following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and the outbreak of war.

Will it be as HEARTWRENCHING as Grave of the Fireflies?

"Zoku Konton" is the 16th single released by Nakagawa Shoko.

Too much ribbon!

Looks a bit like the chick elf in that Jim Henson movie from the ’80s!

EVA 3.33 720p has ~arrived~ :)



Evangelion 3.33 is avail for pre-order NOW, comes out 4/24!


I never got through the TV series — too many long, static shots of silhouetted people in elevators talking about budgets, and long, panning landscapes with birds (or locusts) chirping. Every 20 minute episode felt like an hour and fifty.

(I was watching it in Japanese, on Japanese TV, unfluently, back in 1996, when it was EXPLODING over there: anime stores were taken over with EVA merch, it aired on television a bunch, incl. a New Years-ish marathon that I stalwartly attempted to sit through, drinking [fell asleep around episode 8…])

I tried to watch it with English subbing on VHS a couple years later, back in New York. And then on DVD a few years after that, back in Tokyo again. 

I never got through it. 

So when I checked out Evangelion 1.11 in 1080p a couple months ago, I wasn’t expecting much.

But awesomely, it was retelling the same-ish story as the TV series, but WITH A BUDGET. There were identical shots and dialog as in the TV series, but everything moved faster and looked better. There was still dramatic tension, but it didn’t feel like the director was trying to eat up a few extra seconds with another long still shot of whatever.

If you’ve tried to get into Evangelion (the TV show) and just couldn’t, you should try 1:11 and 2:22 and the upcoming 3:33 (and 4:44 in another year)… it’s really good.

Evangelion 3.33 is avail for pre-order NOW, comes out 4/24! ^_^