Finally caved and bought a Sodastream for myself for Xmas. 

Love it.

It’s not for saving money. (You’ll break even.)

It’s for:

  • not having to lug 2-liter bottles home
  • not having flat seltzer/soda ever again

Also, I drink a TON more water now than I ever did. (Typically I’ll finish two 750mL bottles a day.) ~That’s healthy!~

Handy for occasional Jack & Cokes, Rum & Cokes, Moscow Mules, etc, too. 

Buy one at Amazon! [link]

Ahoy! Use these Amazon/CDJapan links



fund the cbox for the next decade! offers 30% off Any Book (max discount $10) when you enter promo code BOOKDEAL at checkout! (Via slickdeals)

Amazon Cloud Player isn’t an iTunes replacement. It definitely ain’t a Zune (software) replacement.

It capitalizes artist tags! It won’t let you organize stuff in common sense ways (like by date). It feels five years old.

Get it here!

PS - I would like to point out my nice Blitz 5 Days album art :)

Amazon Cloud iTunes Match | Google Music

I want to upgrade all the crap I ripped at 160kbps back in 1998-2003, when hard drives were small and my music collection was big. 

For Japanese music — like Dir en grey, L’Arc~en~ciel, Luna Sea, Sex Machineguns, Pierrot, Kagrra, Despairs Ray, Puffy, Nanase Aikawa, etc… will any of these services be able to match these artists’ discographies, or even just ~some~ albums or singles?

iTunes has a japanese store, Amazon does too…

Post in the comments, I’ll write up my experience next week…


Used MP3 Stores


On Thursday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s application for its own patent for a digital marketplace. Apple’s application outlines a system for allowing users to sell or give e-books, music, movies and software to each other by transferring files rather than reproducing them.

Meanwhile, a New York court is poised to rule on whether a start-up that created a way for people to buy and sell iTunes songs is breaking copyright law. A victory for the company would mean that consumers would not need either Apple’s or Amazon’s exchange to resell their digital items. Electronic bazaars would spring up instantly.

Would I start buying more than a couple albums or CDs each year if these used shops come about? Probably not.

“The technology to allow the resale of digital goods is now in place, and it will cause a dramatic upheaval,” said Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps, a technology consulting firm. “In the short term, it’s great for consumers. Over the long term, however, it could seriously reduce creators’ incentive to create.”

I’m fucking SWIMMING in movies and music that I have zero energy or time to digest, and I still love music and film. The world could USE some reduced creatoring!