Official Pierrot Youtube started today (6/27/2014)

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ninety seconds at the Harajuku VK Cosplay Bridge circa 2002 NATSUKASHIIIIDAYOOOO (kyo! mana! nao from kagrra! kyo again! hide! that old guy who’s lost!)


Sukekiyo live on 2014.05.02 in Nippon Seinenkan, Tokyo


There are strong old school VK vibes in this setup. Would love to see this in person.

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femme fatale | freya (2014)

Everyone’s favorite cross-dressing VK beauty, Kaya, is really doing some exciting things this year. In addition to the reformation of Schwarz Stein, he’s also releasing music with a proper rock band behind him as Femme Fatale.

And that band, in addition to dyeing their hair different colors from one another for our convenience (seriously, every VK band should do this), has some pedigree. Fans of quality Visual Kei will be pleased to see Iori (phobia, blast, cocklobin, etc..), two dudes from munimuni, and the bassist from the delightfully unique A(エース) rounding out the line-up.

The actual music? Meh, it’s alright.

The b-side, akaihana, has a chunky, old-school swagger in the verses, but its ultimately forgettable. And the title track, while sporting some catchy vocal melodies, unfortunately veers too far into that symphonic, Versailles-ish brand of VK that nobody needs more of.

Femme Fatale shows some promise but isn’t delivering on it yet.

This single is available on regular ol’ Amazon (and I imagine iTunes) for $2, which is practically a joy to pay when considering what one would usually have to spend to buy music from an indies Japanese band.

Kyo is one of the cover options for the June issue of CD & DL Data magazine.

Which one do you want? Pouty LiSA or veiny Kyo?

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