lost | ghostface trash talker pv (2013)

May 29 marks the release of LOST’s new EP, Recreator. Both the “Ghostface Trash Talker” and “Blood and Chocolate" PV’s indicate a bit of a new direction for the post-hardcore/screamo outfit, as well as some quality production. TAG expressed this release means quite a lot, a true turning point as a band and personally from his 20 years of development as a drummer and 18 years as a member in bands (the last 11 being in LOST).

They’re one hell of an act and can demolish a stage with ease, so I find the “Blood and Chocolate” PV particularly entertaining, squeezing the members into an SUV. I figure that should become the premier testing method for strut endurance for all car part manufacturers.

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ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / ビー・マイ・ベイベー / …

Dir en grey | The Unraveling PV Teaser (2013)

(via: Macro in the jrocknyc shoutbox from herviross2)

I’ve had this song on my hard drive for nearly seven years but haven’t heard it til today!

New Kyary PV!

I don’t think I dig it quite as much as “ふりそでーしょん”; it leaves me sorta cold in the verses, but the chorus is delightful as always.

So Kyo was like “ooh I wanna do it like that Like @ Angel pv” and so he did. :)

special bonus video for Kuroyume fans, or anyone who like boobies: https://mega.co.nz/#!DIUS3RzY!RVWWQz598-7Cwdtm0QCK_Gv4J2cE6uACs_egH_B-iV4


Thoughts as I watch Nogod’s “Utsushiyo Horrorshow” PV

  • I like how this song sounds like it could just as easily have been played by a quintet of slightly overweight and underweight long-haired white metal guys dressed in jeans and white high-tops and black t-shirts. And not by guys in maid uniforms and clown makeup. :)
  • Whoa! Abrupt transition! (0:54) Works. 
  • Hey! I think I was in this venue once. One of my older students way back when I was at Aeon took me to see an all-Japanese Elvis impersonators show there? In Shibuya? 
  • This song has a lot of parts.
  • Aw it’s over.