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CALL OF DUTY MOVIE 2015!!! From director Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams and Max Von Sydow!

Arctic Combat | Webzen (2012)

  • Doesn’t automatically save your login, doesn’t autodetect your country region: you have to enter a password and select North America, East every single time you play.
  • Disorienting “BUY SHIT NOW NOW NOW!” screens supercrammed full of unclear selections.
  • Loading screens… is the game loading? Is it not? Did I click the right button? IS THIS A BUTTON? Did I do something wrong, did the internet fail me again? No indicator that something is loading, or registering, or HAPPE-FUCKING-NING at all. Good design work there.
  • Misspellings on most pages.
  • Oh you want to use your mousewheel to switch weapons? We don’t acknowledge the existence of mousewheels. We built this game in 1996.
  • Have to switch from Dvorak to Qwerty keyboard in Windows OOPS BUT WE WONT LET YOU ALT-TAB OUT OF THE GAME TO DO THAT. Quit game, switch keyboard input layouts (in Windows, literally two easy clicks), RELOAD STUPID GAME.
  • Ugh I see this WZLauncher.exe screen every time I load the game up!? How virusy!
  • Aaaaaaaand: once in an actual game, the suckitude continues. I don’t know the gaming term for it (FOV maybe), but being in-game, it’s like changing from a lifelike 55mm lens to a 18mm lens. Distances are out out of whack, movement is like you’re dangling on a robot arm, visuals are plain and uninspired.
  • Also, the first level was in THE DESERT. Next level? New York. “Arctic combat”!

You get what you pay for.