live report: X Japan @ Madison Square Garden (Oct. 11, 2014)

an event which i did not attend

  • Wow, it’s almost a sixth full!
  • That Hide hologram is kinda cool for the first ten seconds but then it gets a little creepy and feels the same way watching revenge porn feels.
  • I wonder if Sugizo is earning more than the other four combined to be here.
  • They didn’t play “Rose of Pain” or “Art of Life”, but had time for a thirty-minute version of X so everyone could go pee.
  • WOW he is SUCH a drama queen! Get up! 
  • Oh good, they’re filming for a bluray! I’ll buy and watch that right after I buy and watch those other three or four concert things they put out five years ago!

How will Voltron get out of this one!

make a new world | nogod (2014)

i’m no spring chicken anymore and listening to nogod is exhausting and why does their website still look like it’s 2004? I know I know everyone in japan uses a phone for everything BUT STILL

"Follow" is kinda bitchin’. Coulda been melodeath had the vocals been gruffed up a bit.

"Memento Abyss" starts well but it’s that usual Nogod midtempo chorus, thanks for calling your chorus is important to us you’ll be connected with the next available genki solo…

Gah “BANZAI” i give up. 

I used to edit family videos to Nogod tracks I liked them so much. 


It’s “finished” — as much as a battle jacket can be finished…