Thief (2014) nauseates me, whenever I do the hand-grab-steal-shit move it’s like someone grabbing my monitor and zooming it at my face, like it’s on one of those playground spring-mounted zebras. Vomitous! Literally can’t play. :(

Wolf: Something I actually finished, skipping most of the cutscenes and invoking god mode after failing the bridge sequence a dozen times. Pretty mindless, would not play again. Lack of Nazi chicks in sexy attire bad. Too many uggs grabbing one by the lapels and gettin’ all in one’s grill tres bad. :/

Luna Sea ~Never Sold Out~ band score / tab (guitar, bass, drums, even violin!)

The reason I got these (for $75 a dozen years ago?) was to see how they played the songs live rather than on record with overdubs.

Also, live tab books have no album filler :)

~ only $5 on ebay ^_^ ~

When K and I were dating in Japan, Leon was on TV, and I can never remember if its “zannin da!” or “zan-en da!” but it’s one of our oldest shared jokes that I always yell the wrong one and she corrects me. :)

Ryuichi Sakamoto Diagnosed with Throat Cancer


As mentioned by cengiz in the cbox, Nestlé Japan’s Youtube channel has started a serial called “GACKTなゲーム!? ガメ先手ル!" (it very roughly translates to "Gackt plays games!? Game Tackling!") where he plays retro Japanese games for the first time. I think there’s a pun about game center in there as well. Anyways, the channel will be releasing a new clip of Gackt gaming for a year and it seems he’s not very familiar with these retro 8bit/16bit games though he was known as a big fan (self-proclaimed) of the original Playstation. The Gackt Italia channel has translated the first few clips into English if you are curious.

GACKT x Nestle #1: Rockman 2 - July 1st

GACKT x Nestle #4 Rockman 2 - July 4th
Gackt’s “Rockman 2” struggle continue…

GACKT x Nestle #2: Nekketsu Koukou Doggy Ball - July 2nd

GACKT x Nestle #3: Downtown Tale of Nekketsu - July 3rd
The show’s host, Takumi, joins Gackt as player 2 but he gets caught in Gackt’s fists of fury in this classic fighting game.

YT: Nestlé Japan’s official channel
The Gackt fansub channel: Gackt Italia

Oh if you like this kind of retro gaming shows, I recommend you check out Game Center CX, where the host tackles really punishing classics like the original “Ninja Gaiden.” I’m not a retro gamer, but this show is pretty interesting.