Deg & Maiden stickers and a L’Arc strap on a keitai, a spiked wristband, a Nanase Aikawa wristband, a Lego wristband, some uncomfortable “Fancy Rabbit” condoms, and five Kisou-era Deg buttons that I still have :)

I did not know girls could do that.

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Shit I never thought I would get to post a current Pierrot news item. But here it is the latest band photo in 2014. So pardon the excitement from this old-school fan. Still what’s up with this over-exposed, shopped up to hell shot? Yes they are older, but this is overkill on the vampirism side.

As we inch closer to their reunion show in October, fans in Japan can hype themselves up by watching their old shows in a marathon at SHINAGAWA Stella Ball on August 16 & 17 titled “PIERROT FILM GIG 2014 -Dictators’ history-”. Below is a list of the concerts they are featuring in the marathon:

1997年9月21日 新宿 日清パワーステーション CELLULOID HUMANISM -GATE-
1998年6月19日 赤坂BLITZ Dictators Circus II 【zwei】
1998年9月9日 中野サンプラザ Last Indies Act “Dictators Circus III 【drei】”
1999年7月20日 富士急ハイランド・コニファーフォレスト Dictators Circus IV 【vier】 -Birth of Newborn Baby-
1999年9月9日 横浜アリーナ FORETELLER’S-ERROR
2000年11月4日 日本武道館 SWEET TRANCE 2000 IN BUDOKAN “21ST CENTURY BOY”(イベント出演)
2005年1月3日 日本武道館 THE EVENING OF UNDERMINING FINAL 「After awakening」
2005年1月4日 日本武道館 THE EVENING OF UNDERMINING FINAL 「After completion」

I have only seen one or two of their live DVDs, this would have been a perfect time to see which one is a keeper. If only they broadcast this over Livestream or NicoNico for overseas fans, I might consider getting a paid membership to watch it. But Japanese record companies aren’t progressive like that. So we can only relive the history in this short trailer.

Via: http://vif-music.com (In Japanese only)
: http://www.pierrot.jpn.com/filmgig.html


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Pretty much sums it up! :P

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