hide tribute spirits & singles collection tab on ebay… for $8.00! 

the tribute one also has L’Arc’s “Heaven’s Drive” in it — wtf!? (Shows you how often I even looked at that one. I got it for the Luna Sea version of “scanner” back when I was covering j-rock songs with Lo-Rez in the Bowery in 1999/2000.)

Uh, and if you win this hide auction, AND the luna sea tab book auction, AND the x japan tab book auction… i’ll give you dir en grey’s GAUZE tab book for free. that’s like 30 pounds of music for the price of 3! 

X Japan band scores for Dahlia and On the Verge of Destruction 

~only $8 on ebay!~

I have this thing going, if one person wins all three auctions — the Luna Sea, X Japan, AND hide tab books — then i’ll include my copy of Dir en grey’s GAUZE tab book too, for free.

Thief (2014) nauseates me, whenever I do the hand-grab-steal-shit move it’s like someone grabbing my monitor and zooming it at my face, like it’s on one of those playground spring-mounted zebras. Vomitous! Literally can’t play. :(

Wolf: Something I actually finished, skipping most of the cutscenes and invoking god mode after failing the bridge sequence a dozen times. Pretty mindless, would not play again. Lack of Nazi chicks in sexy attire bad. Too many uggs grabbing one by the lapels and gettin’ all in one’s grill tres bad. :/

Luna Sea ~Never Sold Out~ band score / tab (guitar, bass, drums, even violin!)

The reason I got these (for $75 a dozen years ago?) was to see how they played the songs live rather than on record with overdubs.

Also, live tab books have no album filler :)

~ only $5 on ebay ^_^ ~

When K and I were dating in Japan, Leon was on TV, and I can never remember if its “zannin da!” or “zan-en da!” but it’s one of our oldest shared jokes that I always yell the wrong one and she corrects me. :)

Ryuichi Sakamoto Diagnosed with Throat Cancer