Have you ever vk’d so hard you opened a song with a midi piano and a looping twinkling sound?

Hanamuke did back in 2001.

(Source: pairdog)

i don’t hate it, i just don’t like it. 

understood the english lyrics tho… is that a new thing for him?

thx lej!


thx lejun, I think

i HATE when my blazer falls over my strings.

thx macro!


This was forty or fifty bucks in 1986(?)-dollars but it looked like robotech so i begged my parents for it.

If memory serves, I played it for a couple days but it was so frustratingly hard that i never got anywhere.

This month’s dad joke is brought to you by Playboy, again. :)

Another funny thing I had forgotten about was that the cover photo was some guy they paid $10 to get hit in the face and they had to pay him $300 because it took 30 punches to get the thing right.