I haven’t been in a cd store in yeeears. I used to LIVE in cd stores.

Not psychologically damaging at all

thx reitsu!

I LOVE this interpretation.And amazed it doesn’t just sound like mush!

hugeguns said: Letting you know that your assumptions about the X JapAn MSG were mostly wrong. Don't tag your hate, by the way. They DID play Art of Life, there was no hologram, your jab about sugizo wasn't even an assumption/prediction, Yoshiki wasn't on the floor like he was during the last live, and the place was far more than "almost a sixth full". If you want to be a douche, at least do so properly.

Thank you for the douche lesson

Bought it subconsciously expecting an extra track or some autistic band photos lol i AUTOGRAPHED band photos google learn to read

AWWWWW yeah good to have TWD back again. 

I thought The Strain (which ended its 13-episode summery run last week) helped fill the void, in a witness-society-crumbling, this-is-what-season-one-of-The-Walking-Dead-should-have-been way, but the last third of The Strain lost its way (ex-wives and alzheimers, who cares!?) and the S5 premiere of TWD was SO kinetic, so exciting, and so unlike its dull season 2, life-on-the-farm, nothing-is-happening past, that i can now see how irreplaceable this show is.

I hope The Walking Dead runs for DECADES.