Die meisyo de meisyu Haiiro no ginka vol 63



If I remember correctly it was in 1999 in a studio in Los Angeles where I first heard this word as a contender for the album title.  Thinking about how long it’s taken us to name other albums, I think that we named GAUZE at a very early stage.

I could not have imagined that seven years later I would be returning to Los Angeles to play live.

I wonder how long it’s been since I listened to this album from start to finish.  Since I only listen to old songs when we decide we’re going to play them on tour.

So since we will do the GAUZE tour for the first time in fifteen years I listened to all of GAUZE. I’m going to write about what I thought, felt and remembered from listening to each song. If I wait until the next issue I will probably have completely forgotten. (laughs)

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Die’s track by track analysis of GAUZE taken from his column in September’s haiiro no ginka issue. Very interesting read!


Five tracks. Each written by a band member. The heavy one is written by Woman-choker, I mean Wataru, so let’s just blame the last two ridiculous years on him.

Later, dudes.

If someone could possibly explain why The Smashing Pumpkins and Obituary are in this list that wouldst be awesometh.

some ancient factoids i didnt know in here!

New Sodmy @ Omotesando F.A.B.

Aug 27, 2002

Spent the early part of the day compiling an archive of Deg and Pierrot tracks. Three full 700mb CD-Rs of stuff, I had to burn. Joyous! The Deg is utterly complete; the Pierrot one, i had to dis-include Kikurui Pierrot (Kikurui is French for “sounds like they dropped a carousel full of monkeys down the side of the Eiffel Tower.”) 

The weird thing about compiling archives is this: if my house burns down and I lose all my CDs, i’m going to buy all Deg’s stuff all over again. So why make the archive? If anything, I should be backing up the stuff I -don’t- like! For example, La Mule’s latter-day releases, anything by Inoran, that Earl Grey EP i keep intending to listen to all the way through but never seem to have time for… the list goes on and on. But that’s stupid! Backing up shit you don’t want! What a predicament.

Salvation arrived through a call from Inertia: she has an extra ticket for New Sodmy’s final live; do I want to come? I kinda do, I kinda don’t; we all remember how I felt about the other recent show of theirs I saw… but in the end I felt I should give the band one last chance. And if they suck, I’ll never go see them ever again!!!

Also, there’d be girls. Plus final lives always hold a couple interesting surprises.

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The End of Swedish Exceptionalism

  • The center-conservative coalition… dropped one of its main vote-winning policies: tax cuts for those who work.
  • Unemployment is particularly high among young Swedes and immigrants.
  • The increase in economic inequality during the last decade was greater in Sweden than in almost all other OECD countries. 
  • Blue-collar workers and the lower middle class… found themselves on the losing side of a new globalized service and high-tech economy.
  • Sweden has accepted more refugees (and relatives of refugees) than any other European country. The influx from conflict-ridden regions such as the Middle East and North Africa has increased competition for housing and employment.
  • The comparatively generous social benefit system and lack of low-skilled jobs has resulted in a large number of refugees and other immigrants living on welfare.
  • Sparked by discrimination and lack of opportunity, Sweden has also faced the same type of ethnic riots that shook France’s suburbs a few years ago. 

As its metal goes, so goes a nation…

The trick to correctly typing Lareine: say it like it rhymes with listerine or chlorine. “Lare-ine.” As in “to prevent the virus from escaping we use negative pressure and flood the lab’s airlock with Lare-ine.”

Gotta admire Kamijo-ine for staying so troo to VK all these years.

thx macro!